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A video is released today that is particularly suitable for basic training. The tour to Schweighofen could be assigned to both Germany and France, since the route through both countries is about the same length. It is actually completely flat, only two smaller elevations are to be to cope with. The remaining meters of altitude are spread over such a large distance that they are practically not noticeable.

Road bike


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Newly compiled package offers

I have completely recompiled a total of four old package offers so that there is no overlap with the previous versions. In addition, they are about 20% reduced in price.

Download Package Base

Menorca West, Singen, Cancun, North-Baltic-Sea West, Schinderhannes. € 49.00

Download Package Mountains

Blackforest 2015, Valley of the tears, Palma North, Bunyola - Deià, Nufenen - Gotthard. € 59.00

Download Package Mixed

Sa Calobra, Untersee, Col de la Schlucht, Michaelskapelle, Silves. € 49.00

DVD Mixed Package

Allgäu 2, Open MTB, Rheinradweg, Trollstigen, Cycling classics. € 49.00

Start of competition

As previously announced, the new contest to determine the best times of monthly changing track videos starts today. In October with the 2nd part of the Middle Rhine Cycle Path.
Here are the conditions of participation: Only workouts completed in the respective month count. The total distance must always be ridden without a set factor. All supported platforms are allowed. Only one workout will be counted per rider (though multiple can be uploaded). Of course the files to be uploaded could be manipulated, for fairness reasons I ask to refrain from this. A month will only be scored if at least 10 participants upload their data. These receive then points according to the motor sport, the first thus 25 points, the second 18, up to the tenth with 1 point.
At the end of the competition (in April, i.e. after 6 months) the 3 first place winners will receive vouchers for 50, 30 and 20 euros. In addition, each monthly winner will receive a voucher for 10 euros. Furthermore, the one who has uploaded the most trainings will receive a voucher for 20 Euro.
So I hope for lively participation and wish you a lot of fun!

Addition: From now on you can also upload BigRing trainings in TCX format. However, this is still in beta stage. Since BigRing doesn't save the name of the (partial) track, there might be some problems. If this happens, please send me the file, then I can check, thanks!

With demo
Road bike

Middle Rhine Bikeway Part 2

 50.0  95  111
Download € 15.00

CO2 Compensation

In the last quarter, 32.5% of customers took part in CO2 compensation, thank you for that! However, due to fewer orders, the minimum amount that can be compensated has not come together. Therefore, I will only donate it together with the compensation for the current quarter.

New videos for the 2021/2022 season

Today the first new videos of the 2021/2022 season are released. Unfortunately, due to the Corona-related restrictions again some planned projects could not be realized, but I think the selection of the tracks appearing this season is nevertheless very diverse and interesting. As usual, these will be released gradually in relatively short intervals.

Where bicycles roll today, trains used to steam. The historic railway line of the Ruwer-Hochwald-Railway has been transformed into the Ruwer-Hochwald-Bikeway. Alferce starts in Silves, already known from the first Portugal video, and leads through the counties of Silves and Monchique. On low-traffic roads, we drive in a wide arc around the Barragem de Odelouca dam. The third video is the first of two RLVs that takes you to the east side of the Stryn mountain (the old Stryn video approached the west side). Weißenstein takes us into the forest, or as the locals say: "in Woid". And by that they mean not only the forests in which their villages are embedded, but their entire forest region.

Mountain bike

Ruwer Bikeway

 47.9  418  91
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With demo
Road bike


 73.3  1322  1295
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Stryn 2-1

 65.8  832  235
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