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New video

Armação de Pêra is a former fishing village and today a popular seaside resort on the Algarve coast. The route takes us via Carvoeiro and Ferragudo close to the coast and then, after two loops, back to Armação and then in a wide arc inland to Silves.

As this is the last video from Portugal, all 6 routes are available for the particularly favourable package price of 59 euros instead of 87 euros.

Road bike

Armação de Pêra

 72.6  837  789
Download USB € 15.00

Map view

Long planned and now finally implemented: There is now a map view on which all the routes that I have in the program are displayed. They are colour-coded according to their level of difficulty: Blue - easy, green - medium, red - hard. A click on the route opens an info window, a click in it opens the video page.

New milestone

This week we reached another milestone in the 18-year history of with 60,000 Real Life videos sold. Many thanks to all my loyal customers!


The leaderboard promotion has resulted in a number of new entries and, of course, various first-time entries. I will send you the promised vouchers soon. Thank you very much!

Another video from the Pyrenees

The Col du Peyresourde has a rich history. For centuries, the pass road has been used as a trade route, with traders transporting goods between France and Spain. During the Spanish Civil War, the region was strategically important.

The pass was first included in the Tour de France in 1910 and, with a total of 71 crossings, is one of the most frequently travelled mountain passes in the Tour. It is also the first of a total of 6 high mountain passes to be tackled on the 15th stage of the Tour de France 2024 (3 more will also appear on my website).

Col du Peyresourde

 33.1  865  919
Download USB € 15.00


My leaderboard of the training sessions ridden now contains almost 1000 entries. To mark the occasion, there will be a special promotion for the next 3 weeks: Some videos do not yet have an uploaded training. That's why the first person to upload a training session from today onwards will receive a voucher for 5 euros (redeemable from an order value of 20 Euro)). Of course you can also collect several, the billing will take place at the end of the campaign in 3 weeks. Only valid for videos that are still available. Then have fun training!

CO2 Compensation

By the way, in the last quarter of 2023 not enough was raised for compensation. The amount will then be compensated in the first quarter of 2024.

The first videos of the new year

The Wall Cycle Route is a popular cycle route that runs along the former Berlin Wall. The route is approximately 155 km long and connects the towns of Prenzlauer Berg in the east and Wannsee in the west. The path offers a unique opportunity to explore Berlin's history and enjoy nature at the same time.

The region between Psakoudia, Poligiros and Vrastama in Greece is characterised by picturesque landscapes. Green hills, olive groves and idyllic villages characterise the surroundings.

With demo
Road bike

The Wall Part 1

 81.3  280  277
Download USB € 18.00
Road bike

The Wall Part 2

 77.5  345  354
Download USB € 18.00
Road bike


 49.7  834  833
Download USB € 15.00

I have created a short demo version of the section past some of the sights of the Wall Cycle Route. Although this is not representative of the whole route, it shows not only a particularly interesting part of the tour, but also the functions of my RLVPlayer.

New video and season package

The Col de Jau connects Prades, located at the foot of the Pic de Canigou, with the Aude valley. With a maximum gradient of around 9% and an average gradient of 5%, the 23 km long southern ascent is very smooth and easy to ride. The road over the pass winds through picturesque valleys and dense forests, making it a favourite with cyclists and nature lovers alike.

In addition, the newly released videos are available in a package for only 89 euros instead of the individual prices of 117 euros.

Col de Jau

 42.9  1149  1025
Download USB € 15.00

Season 2024 Downloads

Jedermannrennen 2022, Kocher-Jagst, Col d'Aspin, Bike Race Track 1, Bike Race Track 2, ... € 89.00

More new videos

In Virom, we first follow a narrow road along the Sunndal fjord, which we leave after a while and drive into the Virom valley, which is surrounded by the high mountains that form the western part of the Trollheimen mountains.

The coastal region between Portimao and Sagres in the Algarve in Portugal is breathtakingly beautiful. Here, golden sandy beaches meet rugged rock formations and clear, deep blue Atlantic waters. The striking cliffs, such as the Ponta da Piedade and the impressive Algar Seco rock formation, offer spectacular views.


 19.6  330  73
Download USB € 12.00
Road bike


 79.9  754  746
Download USB € 15.00

Two new videos

The "Radrennbahn" is the second tour in my series of routes in the northern Black Forest. The term "racetrack" may seem a bit strange for tours with around 1000 hm. In fact, most of the altitude metres are distributed over very moderate climbs, so that the pulse is hardly ever driven anywhere near the red zone. The steepest sections are only very short and especially the most strenuous part at the beginning of the first section can be bypassed by a partial route.

Both parts are available together for only 22 euros.

Bike Race Track Part 1

 58.9  1136  924
Download USB € 15.00

Bike Race Track Part 2

 62.4  801  946
Download USB € 15.00

New price reductions

I have reduced the prices for some videos again. This also makes the three-pack of Rondane cheaper.

Road bike

North-Baltic-Sea-Canal West

 107.4  211  217
Download USB € 15.00

Berlin Southern Area

 80.1  311  313
Download USB € 12.00

Rondane Part 3

 43.6  593  1223
Download USB € 12.00

More new videos

Cycling over the Col d'Aspin is a classic highlight of the Tour de France. The route starts in Sainte-Marie-de-Campan and winds through picturesque villages.

The Kocher-Jagst cycle path between Forchtenberg and Schöntal stretches along both rivers and offers a picturesque backdrop with many sights.

This means that videos with a total length of over 10,000 km and with more than 150,000 metres of altitude are now available for the first time.

Col d'Aspin

 25.4  615  769
Download USB € 12.00
Road bike


 83.4  397  374
Download USB € 18.00

First video for the 2023/2024 season

For the Tour of Germany, last year's Everyman race is today available as the first new video of the coming season.

We rode the big loop "Through the Stuttgart Region", which had almost 120 km and a good 1000 metres of altitude difference. Of course, all roads are completely closed off and we can enjoy the sporty atmosphere of the region (with the RLVPlayer even acoustically).

In keeping with this, there is also the introduction of the filmmaker JHrox on my partner page.

Road bike

Jedermannrennen 2022

 117.8  1035  1019
Download USB € 15.00

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