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CO2 Compensation

The 2nd quarter of the CO2 compensation has now been completed and a total of 14 euros has been collected. This quarter even 22% of the customers participated in the levy, thank you very much! A total of 610 kg CO2 can be compensated with this.

New video and package offer / Sale ends at 30th of April

The last new video of season 2020 takes us around the Tägerwiler forest in the Swiss canton of Thurgau, south of Lake Constance. The route with start in Konstanz leads us first flat along the Bodensee over Triboltingen, Ermatingen and Mannenbach to Berlingen, where we turn off and the main climb of the tour begins. About Hattenhausen, Hefenhausen and Wagerswil it goes to Märstetten. Soon the second longer climb awaits us and via Ottoberg, Berg (oddly enough in the valley), Oberhofen and Langwil we reach the destination in Kreuzlingen.

In addition, the most recently released videos are summarized in a further package offer.

The 6 videos that are sold out will be removed from the program on April 30th, so this is the last opportunity to purchase.


 42.5  661  636
Download € 12.00

Download Package '20-3

Moosalbtal, Tjörn, Manacor, Cancun, Tägerwiler.       € 49.00

A word about Corona

All of our lives are restricted to varying degrees in the last weeks and especially days, depending on the country and region. Above all, I am talking about the almost complete loss of leisure time activities. There are no more events taking place, sports clubs and fitness studios have to stop operating. Fortunately, indoor cycling training is still possible without any restrictions. However, many people are particularly burdened by activities in system-relevant professions and many have to limit themselves financially because they have to pay considerably less money, e.g. through short-time work compensation, or may have no income at all as a self-employed or freelancer. Many others also prefer to spend their money sparingly. Therefore I give a discount of 10% on all purchases until further notice, also on already reduced articles and offers (this discount does not apply to the USA, as they illegally confiscate and steal protective equipment ordered and paid for by other countries).

In addition, DVD shipping, especially outside Germany, can currently take considerably longer. So I strongly recommend the purchase of download versions.

New videos

Today the twelfth and last video of my Mallorca collection is published. The track is relatively flat this time and starts inland near Manacor. From there it goes via Sant Llorenc des Cardassar to the coast to Porte Christo. Then again direction centre of the island over Son Carrió, through Manacor and direction north up to the destination in Can Picafort.

I also present the first video from Mexico: Although the course is not particularly spectacular, as it "only" passes through a well-known tourist center, it should serve as an appetizer for further distances, including a triathlon course on the island of Cozumel.

This is the first video from Sweden. Tjörn is the seventh biggest island of sweden, located on the west coast. Due to its beauty, lots of tourists come to the island every summer, which triples the number of people on the island.


 68.1  633  692
Download € 18.00
Road bike


 43.0  186  185
Download € 10.00


 55.0  467  470
Download € 10.00


I have created a new shopping opportunity for especially loyal customers, the subscription. Similar to a theatre subscription, it entitles you to purchase a certain number of videos from the current season free of charge. In addition, further videos can be purchased at a certain percentage discount. The reduction is not valid in connection with special offers or multiple packs, but also for package offers that do not contain videos of the current season.

Find more informations here.

New price reductions and videos that will be removed from the program

The last round of price reductions is pending. This affects another eight videos. In addition, the 6 videos from the bottom row will be removed from the program at the end of the season.

Road bike


 30.2  81  97
Download € 6.00

Masca (Tenerife)

 34.2  1481  634
Download € 8.00
Mountain bike

Engel Cup 2017

 45.2  976  975
Download € 10.00
Road bike


€ 6.00

Country of Passau

€ 6.00
Road bike


€ 6.00


€ 6.00
Mountain bike


€ 6.00

Bergen 2017

€ 6.00

New videos

Road bike


47.0 km
629 hm
625 hm

Alcudia - Orient

78.7 km
1007 hm
562 hm

Col de la Schlucht

25.7 km
717 hm
382 hm
Road bike


77.2 km
815 hm
800 hm

Flatanger 2

51.9 km
789 hm
785 hm
Road bike

German Wine Route

52.0 km
583 hm
529 hm
Road bike

Middle Rhine Bikeway 3

70.1 km
166 hm
183 hm

New videos for season 2020

Today the first new videos for the upcoming training season will be released. Cap Formentor is the continuation of the route from Andratx to Fornalutx and a little less demanding than the first part. The tour in the Eifel is located in the area of the Ahrgebirge, a little north of the track of the Nürburgring. The Maifeld Cycle Path is a cycle path along former railway lines in the so-called Eifler Maifeld and therefore has only slight gradients. The Grand Ballon (Großer Belchen) is the highest mountain of the Vosges with a height of 1424 meters. It is located in the Vosges Balloon Regional Nature Park. Menorca South is the last RLV at Menorca. It starts at Sant Climent and ends at the southernmost point of Menorca: Punta Prima. Danube-Ilz Valley is much longer than the old Ilztal-Danube video, with partly different roads and leads in the opposite direction.

Cap Formentor

 69.1  1119  1476
Download € 18.00


 76.1  1028  1011
Download € 18.00
Road bike

Maifeld Cycle Path

 37.8  123  173
Download € 15.00

Grand Ballon

 48.2  1093  1085
Download € 15.00

Menorca South

 75.1  759  785
Download € 12.00
Road bike

Danube-Ilz Valley

 94.9  901  887
Download € 12.00

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