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New videos for the 2020/2021 season

As every year at this time, the first new videos of the 2020/2021 season are released today (apart from the pre-release). Due to the corona-related travel restrictions, there will probably be a few tracks less this season, so this first release will contain only 4 videos instead of the usual 6. I hope there will be something for most of you anyway!

The Challenge Heilbronn will take place on the 2018 changed track and instead of two loops in the Zabergäu we will now only ride one big bike lap, which now also includes the Kraichgau. The Pässegourmet is a quite demanding round tour in the Vosges mountains with almost 120 km and over 2700 altitude meters over a total of 5 passes. The route between Bitschwiller-Les-Thann and Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle is identical to the corresponding section of the 6th stage of the Tour de France 2019. Rondane is the first part of a three-part series of RLVs that runs around the Rondane mountains. Ameisberg (ant hill) was so named because from a distance it looks like an anthill. But its summit rises to almost 1000 meters.

Of course there is also a season package again, which contains all videos released so far.

Challenge Heilbronn 2019

 84.4  1142  1132
Download € 18.00

Pässegourmet Part 1

 65.4  1686  1161
Download € 15.00

Rondane Part 1

 50.5  1157  634
Download € 15.00


 76.2  1071  1051
Download € 15.00

Season 2021 Downloads

Bøverdalen, Heilbronn 2019, Pässegourmet 1, Rondane 1, Ameisberg.       € 59.00

Pre-release for the 2021 season and first 4K demo/test video

Today a first new video is released as a foretaste of the coming season. Bøverdalen follows the river valley of the same name and is therefore quite flat and scenic.

I have created a short test video with 4K UHD resolution. If this runs on all platforms without problems (older PCs might have problems with the high data rate and maybe not every software can play it), the first 4K videos will probably be available next year. Therefore I depend on your feedback: Please let me know if the video plays properly, especially at the marked spots in the video. If the image stabilization is not perfect, it doesn't matter in this context, because the video will be filmed with a different camera later. The display on 4K screens would also be interesting.
Many of the previous testers have reported presentation problems in the training program. Therefore I created the video again with different settings. You could download it here. Then simply rename the old avi in the video directory and replace it with the new one.
Please let me know the feedback only by mail, please not as a rating or via Facebook. And please write the software and operating system. Thanks a lot!


 19.4  158  158
Download € 6.00

4K Test Recording

 7.9  34  28

Subscription News

The new season is just around the corner and I have therefore expanded my video subscription model. From now on, a subscription can already be concluded for the 2020/2021 season. The respective discount percentage applies even before the start of the season on September 1st. So you can easily secure up to 10 percent discount for at least 13 months.

Find more informations here.

CO2 Compensation

The third quarter of the CO2 compensation is now complete and a total of 10 euros has been collected again. Once again there was an increase in participation, well over 26% of the customers participated, thank you very much! In addition, I have compensated for the CO2 produced by new filming. In total, 570 kg CO2 can be compensated.

Sale of the Rad am Ring videos

Since my license for the Rad am Ring Video expires at the end of November and will probably not be renewed, I am starting the sale of the download version and the Cycling Classics DVD today. So I have lowered the price considerably, it won't get cheaper any more.

Road bike

Rad am Ring

 24.3  474  468
Download € 10.00
Road bike

Cycling classics

 49.2  2191  530
DVD € 19.00

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