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New videos for season 2020

Today the first new videos for the upcoming training season will be released. Cap Formentor is the continuation of the route from Andratx to Fornalutx and a little less demanding than the first part. The tour in the Eifel is located in the area of the Ahrgebirge, a little north of the track of the Nürburgring. The Maifeld Cycle Path is a cycle path along former railway lines in the so-called Eifler Maifeld and therefore has only slight gradients. The Grand Ballon (Großer Belchen) is the highest mountain of the Vosges with a height of 1424 meters. It is located in the Vosges Balloon Regional Nature Park. Menorca South is the last RLV at Menorca. It starts at Sant Climent and ends at the southernmost point of Menorca: Punta Prima. Danube-Ilz Valley is much longer than the old Ilztal-Danube video, with partly different roads and leads in the opposite direction.

Cap Formentor

 69.1  1119  1476
Download € 18.00


 76.1  1028  1011
Download € 18.00
Road bike

Maifeld Cycle Path

 37.8  123  173
Download € 15.00

Grand Ballon

 48.2  1093  1085
Download € 15.00

Menorca South

 75.1  759  785
Download € 12.00
Road bike

Danube-Ilz Valley

 94.9  901  887
Download € 12.00

New package offers

Of course there are the new videos also again in an own package offer. In addition, some of the other packages have also been newly compiled. Especially the Download Package Base Training and the Download Package Mixed had some major changes.

Season 2020 Downloads

Formentor, Eifel, Maifeld, Grand Ballon, Menorca South, Danube-Ilz Valley.       € 79.00

Download Package Base

Tabaktour, Berlin Southern, Palatia, Biosphere, Middle Rhine bikeway Part 2.       € 59.00

Download Package Mixed

Valley of the tears, National Park Bavaria, Gonso Classic, Mosel-Maare-Bikeway, Singen.       € 49.00

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Sending emails, downloading files and sending DVDs also produces CO2. Therefore, you can now make a voluntary contribution of 10 cents for CO2 compensation with each order. I will transfer the collected amounts to Atmosfair once per quarter without deductions (I take over the value added tax and Paypal fees if necessary).

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