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The second video from the Lake Constance region is located in Hegau northwest of the two foothills of Lake Constance, the Zeller See and the Überlinger See. The tour starts in Orsingen and leads via Wahlwies and Stahringen to the eponym in Singen.

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I have limited the maximum price for all single RLVs to 18 Euro. Thus 10 videos have become cheaper by up to 7 Euro.

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Alcudia - Sant Elm

 97.9  1115  1135
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Blackforest 2015

 99.6  2952  2621
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La Palma Northern Route

 89.6  2841  2715
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Two new videos

Today is published the second of the three RLVs from Menorca. This is more hilly than the first one, although it has many flat parts. After Ferreries and Es Mercadal you will see that the landscape changes several times as you go as far north as you can go on Menorca: the lighthouse Far de Cavalleria.

Challenge Heilbronn has been the name of a triathlon event over the half distance in Heilbronn and Zabergäu in Baden-Württemberg since 2015. The CityTriathlon Heilbronn started in 2010 under the concept "in the middle of the city" with start, transition zone and finish only a few hundred metres apart in the centre of Heilbronn.

Menorca North

 84.2  1158  1093
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Challenge Heilbronn

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With the new special offer you can select 7 videos out of 40 downloads for a total price of 99 Euros and save up to 27 Euro. This is only valid for download versions.


La Palma Southern

70.5 km
1496 hm
1507 hm

Challenge Kraichgau

89.6 km
1035 hm
1014 hm


84.7 km
626 hm
581 hm

Cala Figuera

95.1 km
770 hm
786 hm
Road bike

North-Baltic-Sea-Canal 1

49.9 km
60 hm
60 hm

New video

Djursland 2

 66.9  366  379
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This is the second half of the Djursland round trip. You start right after Rønde and head north towards Auning. Here you turn to the east. The scenery changes between forests, farmyards and small villages as you carry on eastwards. There are some hills, but no long ones. Finally the RLV ends in Grenå, close to the starting point of part 1.

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Due to changed transport conditions for the shipping of goods, I will only ship DVDs within Germany and the EU from 1 January 2019. Outside of Germany (i.e. also in Switzerland), it is no longer possible to send goods.

TTS4 end of support

Tacx has announced that it will discontinue support for this software on 31.03.2019 and that with a Windows 10 'Major Update' there is a risk that videos will no longer run. But it doesn't have to happen. If you use Windows 7 you won't get any problems. The Tacx Desktop App is not compatible with 3rd party videos and also has extremely poor ratings. Instead I recommend the open programs like Rouvy or GoldenCheetah.

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Sehr gutes Video von einer sehr schönen Gegend. (Bevorzuge ich) Etwas ruckartiger Ablauf. (Zu viele oder zu wenige fpm?) Oder liegt es an meinen eigenen Einstellungen?

Das Ruckeln liegt leider an KWT, bzw. dem VLCPlayer (und deren hohen Hardwareanforderungen), die Videos haben damit nichts zu tun.