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Special action offer

Today there is a promotional offer, especially for those whose Mallorca collection is not yet complete. You can choose from the 13 videos 3 pieces for the preferential price of 39 euros and save up to 15 euros.

With demo

Alcudia - Sant Elm

 97.9  1115  1135
Download   DVD € 18.00

Port d'Andratx - Fornalutx

 72.4  1758  1256
Download   DVD € 18.00

Cap Formentor

 69.1  1119  1476
Download € 18.00


The Incyclist Training Software now supports Kettler ergometers. In addition, group rides, i.e. training against each other, are possible. Especially for this I have created a free circuit that can be streamed directly from the Incyclist server.

CO2 compensation

The first quarter 2022 is now closed and 7 euros have been donated. The participation was thus about 25%, thank you very much! In total 300 kg CO2 can be compensated.

New training software

It is now possible to use the Incyclist Training Software with my Real Life Videos. It currently supports Ant+ FE Trainers and Daum ergometers (more to come). It can also be used under Windows, as well as on a Mac. Since Incyclist was developed as an alternative to Ergoplanet, the installation of my videos is done via Ergoplanet in the software selection. Accordingly, the embedding of the videos is done via its epm files.

Last new video

The second part of the Stryn video continues where part 1 ended, on the Old Stryn Mountain Road at an altitude of almost 1000 meters. Since you are already on the mountain, there are no long climbs on this RLV. After a short downhill at the beginning, you follow the flat main road for a while, until you turn right into the National Tourist Route towards Geiranger and Trollstigen. This road is very beautiful, with staggering views. The road starts climbing a little, until you are at the bottom of the road to Dalsnibba. This is the main hill of this RLV. It is steep (it averages around 10%) but not very long. After reaching the top, you go back towards the Stryn mountain where this RLV ends.

Of course, both parts of the Stryn video are also available in a cheap double pack.

Stryn 2 Part 2

 46.4  646  698
Download € 12.00

New video

Another video from the Algarve in Portugal. This circuit takes us through the coastal town of Albufeira over only relatively minor climbs. Albufeira is the capital of the municipality of the same name and is located on the southeastern edge of the tour, which goes north to São Bartolomeu de Messines and west through Algoz. However, the start and end points are near Silves.

Road bike


 63.7  585  615
Download € 12.00

Second round of new price reductions

Today I have reduced the prices for more videos. There are again some very nice tracks among them.

With demo


 85.1  1361  1418
DVD € 14.00
Mountain bike


 27.8  323  328
Download € 6.00


 42.5  661  636
Download € 10.00

Col de Vars

 34.3  1132  782
Download € 8.00


 68.2  1092  1053
DVD € 8.00


 55.0  467  470
Download € 8.00

New video and new package offer

The Col du Wettstein is a neighbouring pass of the Collet de Linge at the infamous Lingekopf, next to the Hartmannswillerkopf the scene of the Vosges' most lossy positional battles in World War 1. Here you can see a field of crosses of some of the 17,000 French and German soldiers who died.

The series of videos from the Vosges is now complete and accordingly there are all 6 routes also in a favorable package offer for 59 euros instead of the 77 euros for the individual prices.

Col du Wettstein

 15.3  281  393
Download € 10.00

Download Package Vosges

Grand Ballon, Col de la Schlucht, Pässegourmet 1, Pässegourmet 2, Petit Ballon, ... € 59.00

Videos that are removed from the program

I'll be dropping the following videos shortly, so if you're still interested, order quickly.

Mountain bike


 86.2  938  1360
Download € 6.00
Road bike


 72.8  748  748
Download € 6.00
Mountain bike


 50.1  1052  831
Download € 6.00

New winter video

Røros is an old mining town, located in high altitude in the middle of Norway. The city centre has many wooden buildings from the 17th and 18th century. This has given the town a designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the buildings have retained their dark pitch-log facades, giving the town a medieval appearance.


 30.0  399  399
Download € 10.00

First round of new price reductions

Once again I have reduced the price for a number of older videos. With the Vuelta Mallorca, King of the Lake and Lillehammer-Oslo are even 3 well-known bike races among them.


Vuelta Mallorca first stage

 61.8  313  319
Download € 14.00
Road bike

King of the Lake

 46.0  277  284
Download € 6.00
Road bike

Lillehammer - Oslo

 65.3  381  561
Download € 8.00
Road bike


 47.0  629  625
Download € 8.00
Road bike

Danube-Ilz Valley

 94.9  901  887
Download € 10.00
Mountain bike

Gonso Classic

 43.5  874  872
Download € 6.00

3 new videos for Christmas

The Salier and Kaiser Konrad Cycle Path connects the German Wine Route with the Rhine on about 130 mostly flat kilometers. Between the wine and spa town of Bad Dürkheim, the cathedral and Nibelungen city of Worms and the imperial city of Speyer, it leads through vineyards, floodplain landscapes and through varied vegetable fields.
Rondane 3 is the final of the Rondane RLVs. It starts at the end of part two, at Haverdalssetra. The first part follows the Haverdalen valley. Then there is a steep ascent up to about 1300 meters. After this there is several small up- and downhills until you reach Vegaskilet. Then you start going downwards. First a little bit, then steeper and steeper. You finally reach Dovre in the bottom at the valley, and the RLV ends at the same point as the beginning of Rondane 1. Of course, all Rondane videos are also available in a low-priced 3-pack.
Cozumel (Swallow Place) is an island off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. The island, which is flat and has dense vegetation, is especially known for its good diving opportunities. Also the filmer of this video, Mark introduces himself today.

Road bike

Salier Cycle Path Part 1

 65.9  181  213
Download € 15.00

Rondane Part 3

 43.6  593  1223
Download € 15.00
Road bike


 63.4  119  118
Download € 10.00

Training without smart trainer

If you have a training device without a PC connection, you can use the Ergoplanet software, which is actually intended for Daum ergometers, in simulation mode. Ergoplanet can be downloaded here for free. There is also a detailed manual. Especially interesting are the sections on installation and the Roadmovie module (over which the videos are played). The simulation can then be played either over a constant speed or better over a constant power. Settings for adjusting the gradient factor are unfortunately ineffective in the simulation, but with the power specification they are also not necessary. In return, the cockpit display is completely freely configurable.
Note: The Tacx video player is no longer available for download and can therefore no longer be installed.

Anniversary video

With Dettenheim I celebrate a very special anniversary, it is namely my 200th Real Life Video. For this reason I have chosen the re-recording of my very first video from 2006. It was recorded only in the opposite direction and with the bicycle instead of the car. It starts in Neureut and then goes via Eggenstein, Dettenheim, Graben-Neudorf and Untergrombach to Obergrombach. Then on to Gondelsheim, via Sallenbusch to the highest point of the route and back down to Weingarten and the end at Stutensee.

Road bike

Dettenheim 2021

 60.9  402  388
Download € 10.00

First video in Ultra HD - 4k

This is my first video filmed entirely in 4k. It partly covers the same route as the video of the same name from 2009, especially the climb to Dobel of the 8th Tour de France stage in 2005.

Since there were playback problems with my test version in 4k published some time ago with some customers, there is the same route in this RLV also as a 1080p version. As a bonus, this one is also a bit longer, because it goes up to Bernbach and via Moosbronn back down into the Albtal.

Road bike

Dobel 2021

 36.4  611  722
Download € 12.00

Two new videos

The Petit Ballon (Kleiner Belchen, also known as Kahler Wasen) is a 1,272 metre high mountain in the Vosges mountains. It is located in the Regional Nature Park Ballons des Vosges at the border of the municipalities Linthal (Haut-Rhin) and Sondernach. In Old High German "Wasen" generally means a meadow, "Belchen" Alemannically means, among other things, a flat, arched bare mountain.
The second part of Klosterwege also leads through some villages with well-known monasteries in the region, above all the Maulbronn monastery. This time the difficulties are mainly in the second part of the route with over 600 meters of altitude of over 1000 meters. Of course, both parts are also available in a double pack for only 20 euros.

Petit Ballon

 25.1  818  608
Download € 10.00

Klosterwege Part 2

 70.2  1063  969
Download € 15.00

Next new video

A video is released today that is particularly suitable for basic training. The tour to Schweighofen could be assigned to both Germany and France, since the route through both countries is about the same length. It is actually completely flat, only two smaller elevations are to be to cope with. The remaining meters of altitude are spread over such a large distance that they are practically not noticeable.

Road bike


 91.7  291  287
Download € 15.00

Newly compiled package offers

I have completely recompiled a total of four old package offers so that there is no overlap with the previous versions. In addition, they are about 20% reduced in price.

Download Package Base

Menorca West, Singen, Cancun, North-Baltic-Sea West, Schinderhannes. € 49.00

Download Package Mountains

Blackforest 2015, Valley of the tears, Palma North, Bunyola - Deià, Nufenen - Gotthard. € 59.00

Download Package Mixed

Sa Calobra, Untersee, Michaelskapelle, Silves. € 39.00

DVD Mixed Package

Allgäu 2, Open MTB, Rheinradweg, Trollstigen, Cycling classics. € 49.00

New videos for the 2021/2022 season

Today the first new videos of the 2021/2022 season are released. Unfortunately, due to the Corona-related restrictions again some planned projects could not be realized, but I think the selection of the tracks appearing this season is nevertheless very diverse and interesting. As usual, these will be released gradually in relatively short intervals.

Where bicycles roll today, trains used to steam. The historic railway line of the Ruwer-Hochwald-Railway has been transformed into the Ruwer-Hochwald-Bikeway. Alferce starts in Silves, already known from the first Portugal video, and leads through the counties of Silves and Monchique. On low-traffic roads, we drive in a wide arc around the Barragem de Odelouca dam. The third video is the first of two RLVs that takes you to the east side of the Stryn mountain (the old Stryn video approached the west side). Weißenstein takes us into the forest, or as the locals say: "in Woid". And by that they mean not only the forests in which their villages are embedded, but their entire forest region.

Mountain bike

Ruwer Bikeway

 47.9  418  91
Download € 15.00
With demo
Road bike


 73.3  1322  1295
Download € 15.00

Stryn 2 Part 1

 65.8  832  235
Download € 15.00


 54.3  1119  980
Download € 12.00

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