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125666 altitude meters
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Environmental Protection

Sending emails, downloading files and sending DVDs also produces CO2. Therefore, you can now make a voluntary contribution of 10 cents for CO2 compensation with each order. I will transfer the collected amounts to Atmosfair once per quarter without deductions (I take over the value added tax and Paypal fees if necessary).

Important notice

Due to changed transport conditions for the shipping of goods, I will only ship DVDs within Germany and the EU from 1 January 2019. Outside of Germany (i.e. also in Switzerland), it is no longer possible to send goods.

TTS4 end of support

Tacx has announced that it will discontinue support for this software on 31.03.2019 and that with a Windows 10 'Major Update' there is a risk that videos will no longer run. But it doesn't have to happen. If you use Windows 7 you won't get any problems. If you are still thinking about switching to the Tacx Desktop App, take a look at the reviews. Instead I recommend the open programs like Rouvy or GoldenCheetah.

New feature: double packs

Some of the tracks I have filmed are divided into several Real Life Videos due to their length. The purchase of the total distance, thus both RLVs, is now possible for a total price reduced by 5 euro. Currently this applies to the route Valldemossa - Deià and the North-Baltic-Sea-Canal. Soon the Mittelrhein Bikeway will be added.


84.7 km
1492 hm
1733 hm

Bunyola - Deià

86.4 km
1770 hm
1727 hm
Road bike

North-Baltic-Sea-Canal 1

49.9 km
60 hm
60 hm
Road bike

North-Baltic-Sea-Canal 2

55.4 km
131 hm
133 hm

Strava and Garmin Connect Support

Due to regular requests for the presentation of the route and the height profile of workouts on Strava, I have built a tool that can be used to prepare TCX activities exported from the Tacx Trainer Software for Strava, Garmin Connect and similar portals. The processed files then have to be uploaded into the portal. The processing works for all predefined sections (even if you have aborted them). Self-defined routes work with the correct starting point. Also, of course, it only works for my videos. And here is the TCX processing.

Another trainer software plays now Real Life Video

The free software Big Ring Indoor Video Cycling may now be used to train with Real Life Videos. There is also a documentation. So who owns an ANT+ FE-C trainer may now use this software.

Find more informations at my Big Ring page.

Update for Windows 10 issues

Tacx: Microsoft published the cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based systems (KB3124262) on 27-02-16, which fixes the problems with Videoplayer 1. So you can use this again after installation. Despite some Tacx updates Videoplayer 2 still doesn't work satisfying on all systems. Please notice the posts in the Tacx Forum to Videoplayer 2.

Ergoplanet works again under Windows 10 after installation of two updates. See the article in the Bikeboard Forum (german).

10th anniversary of

In March 2006, I filmed my first Real Life Video and a short time later also published it.
To celebrate this tenth anniversary, there is the whole month of March a discount of 10% on all RLVs, packages and special offers (not for vouchers).

Short history
  • 03/06: 1st Non-Tacx-Video
  • 07/08: 1st FullHD-Video
  • 03/11: Own Facebook page
  • 12/11: 1st Norwegian video
  • 03/12: 1st roadbike & MTB video
  • 06/12: 1st download version
  • 10/12: 10.000 sold videos
  • 11/12: Available for KWT 2.0
  • 02/13: Coupons
  • 05/14: Own download server
  • 09/14: 20.000 sold videos
  • 12/14: Logo redesign
  • 02/15: New image stabilization
  • 09/15: Elimination of Paypal costs
  • 12/15: 100th video
  • 01/16: 10.000 downloads
  • 03/16: 30.000 sold videos
  • 01/18: 40.000 sold videos
  • 12/18: 20.000 download versions

GoldenCheetah plays Real Life Video

The latest version of the open source software GoldenCheetah now plays RLVs. So who owns an ANT+ FE-C trainer (Vortex Smart/Neo, Kickr, Muin, ...) or also a Tacx Fortius, may now use this free software (and avoids the troubles with TTS...).

Attention: Wrong classification as spam

Some mail providers and/or mailboxes falsely classify mail messages from as spam. So if you don't receive a confirmation immediately after you placed an order, it's probably about it. Please configure your spam filter that mails with '' in mail subject is received or contact your provider. This also applies to mails about payment, download informations, etc.