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Installing Real Life Videos

BigRingVR supports Cycleops Virtual Training (.xml files). To install the Virtual Training files, just use the installer and choose to install Rouvy/VirtualTraining/Andere (even if BigRing can read different control files, should be reinstalled, because e.g. the Tacx files have a much worse quality due to the system):

Choose Virtual Training File

By default, the files will be installed into C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\VirtualTraining (replacing USERNAME with your own username). If you do not use Cycleops Virtual Training, you might as well use another folder, like C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\RealLifeVideo

Choose Virtual Training Folder

Next, just press install and the files will be copied to right folder

Running BigRingVR

At the first program start you have to configure the video directories:

configure the video directories

Add the directory selected above and all the videos it contains can be used.

Locally installed rides

Find more informations at Big Ring Indoor Video Cycling.

Big Ring also runs on Mac OS, but you need a Windows computer or Windows emulation to install the videos, because the unpacker and installer are Windows programs.

Alternatively, you can use UnRarX on MacOS and Unrar on Linux to unpack the installation archives.