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GoldenCheetah plays Real Life Video

The open source software GoldenCheetah plays RLVs, but without control of the trainer resistance. So who owns an ANT+ FE-C trainer (Vortex Smart/Neo, Kickr, Muin, ...), may use this free software (and avoids the troubles with TTS...).

For older DVDs, there is no direct installation for GoldenCheetah. Please select the installation option "VirtualTraining" or "TacxFortius". You will find all necessary files in C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\VirtualTraining\RLV or C:\Program Files (x86)\TacxFortius\Catalyst\programs and C:\Program Files (x86)\TacxFortius\Catalyst\video.

GoldenCheetah also runs on Linux, for installation, please first install Unrar, then change to the download directory in a shell and enter the command (e.g.) "unrar e Setup_Ofen.part01.exe" there. Then all files are extracted to the current directory, then the .avi file, the .pgmf file and the .rlv file are moved to the target directory if necessary and the video is included in Golden Cheetah.