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There are fully working demo versions for some of my Real Life Videos. You can download these below and install them for the software you use. The demos are excerpts from the regular RLVs, or complete at Monte Albo a circuit. The level of detail and the video quality is similar to the complete video.

I have created a short test video with 4K UHD resolution. If this runs on all platforms without problems (older PCs might have problems with the high data rate and maybe not every software can play it), the first 4K videos will probably be available next year. Therefore I depend on your feedback: Please let me know if the video plays properly, especially at the marked spots in the video. If the image stabilization is not perfect, it doesn't matter in this context, because the video will be filmed with a different camera later. The display on 4K screens would also be interesting.
Many of the previous testers have reported presentation problems in the training program. Therefore I created the video again with different settings. So just download and install again.
Please let me know the feedback only by mail, please not as a rating or via Facebook. And please write the software and operating system. Thanks a lot!


Mittelrhein Teil 2

 5.0  9  10

Menorca West

 2.9  15  11

Alcudia - Sant Elm

 4.4  138  31


 4.6  21  10


 2.4  208  0

Col du Galibier

 5.0  329  71

Flakstad (Lofoten)

 15.9  92  136

Siniscola (Monte Albo)

 13.9  85  145


 10.3  245  184

Challenge Roth

 6.1  49  80

Furka 2011

 3.4  30  110

Allgäu 2

 3.2  58  10