Real Life Videos

for VR Trainers and Ergometers

7585 total kilometers
121161 altitude meters
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You can also purchase coupons to buy Real Life Videos from me. To be on the safe side if you want to make someone happy, but do not know which videos are of interest to the recipient. The coupon can be issued for any desired amount and is valid for three years.

After the payment you will receive an invoice with the appropriate coupon code. You also get the desired coupon in PDF format (a printed version is currently not available). The code is entered during an order in the space provided. A potential difference is either lacking or is credited for another order (a payoff of the voucher is not possible).

Please submit the desired text and motive with your order.

For further questions and to order, please contact me by email.



 75.5  502  515
Download   DVD € 18.00


 74.3  1028  998
Download   DVD € 10.00


 75.5  502  515
Download   DVD € 18.00