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It is now possible to use the Incyclist Training Software with my Real Life Videos. It currently supports Ant+ FE-C Trainers, BLE FTMS Trainers and Daum ergometers (details see below). It can also be used under Windows, as well as on a Mac. The installation of my videos is done via Incyclist / BigRingVR / VirtualTraining / Other in the software selection. Accordingly, the embedding of the videos is done via xml files.

Incyclist needs the videos in mp4 format instead of the avi container used so far. For this purpose, it converts these files during training. This works well on faster PCs, but can cause problems on slower computers. Besides, this happens during every training and is a high load for the processor. Therefore, it may make sense to convert the avi file manually BEFORE including it in Incyclist (then the reference to the video does not have to be changed manually afterwards).

For all videos released from September onwards, the video can be converted to MP4 during installation so that it can be used directly in Incyclist. This also adjusts the video name in the XML file.

Already installed videos can be converted with the batch file avi2mp4.bat. Copy the file into the video directory and drag&drop the avi video to the batch file. Alternatively, open the command prompt and convert the video using the command avi2mp4 <file name without extension> (e.g. avi2mp4 DE_Dobel2021). Then in the xml file you need to change the video name as described below.

For older videos, the following applies:
Most videos can be converted by quick conversion, the command for this is:
%AppData%\incyclist\bin\ffmpeg -i <File>.avi -c:v copy -c:a copy -y <File>.mp4
%AppData% denotes the location of Incyclist, usually C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming.
The quick conversion takes only 1 to 3 minutes. Older videos, or the DVD versions of them, can unfortunately only be converted with a full conversion. This is done with the following command:
%AppData%\incyclist\bin\ffmpeg -i <File>.avi -vcodec libx264 -crf 29 -preset veryfast -an -y <File>.mp4
The respective type of conversion can be found in the installation details (green or yellow check marks for quick conversion).

After that you have to change the video name from *.avi to *.mp4 in the xml file:
<video-file-path>DE_Dobel2021.avi</video-file-path> > <video-file-path>DE_Dobel2021.mp4</video-file-path>
Now the RLV can be included in Incyclist and played without delay. Also, the training can now be started at any point of the video.

The program is still under development and more features will follow. Likewise, there will probably be different language versions.

The following devices are currently supported:
Daum Classic (Cardio, Fitness, Vita De Luxe, 8008, 8008 TRS, 8080, Therapie, 8008 TRS Pro, 8008 TRS3, ergo_lyps Cardio Pro), Daum Premium 8 + 8i. Kettler Ergo Racer.
All BLE FTMS trainers, e.g. Tacx (Flux, Flux-2, Vortex, Neo, Neo 2, Neo 2T, Smart Bike), Wahoo (KICKR v5, KICKR v6, KICKR SNAP, KICKR CORE), Elite (Direto XR, Nero, Suito), CycleOps/Saris (Saris H3), JetBlack (Volt), Stages Bike.