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Two new videos

The first RLV starts near the airport of Palma and then turns south to the coast at Ses Cadenes and S'Arenal. We continue along the coastal road to Cala Pi and Vallgornera, where we turn inland via Llucmajor and Algaida to our destination in Sencelles.

Before the automotive age, the Bavarian Forest was the scene of horse-drawn carriages and steam-powered rail vehicles. And one of these railway lines led from Deggendorf via Tittling to Haidmühle. Part of this route between Hengersberg and Kalteneck has been converted into the Ilztal cycle path. And most of it, namely the section between Kalteneck and Schwanenkirchen, we get to know on this video.

Palma - Sencelles

 81.2  581  469
Download € 20.00
Road bike

Ilztal-Danube Bikeway

 75.8  425  444
Download € 14.00

Two new videos

The first RLV shows the second half of the North-Baltic-Sea-Canal. This time the tour leads not only along the canal, but also through Rendsburg and a piece of land and is therefore not completely flat like the first part. The Lærdal valley is a deep valley, surrounded by high mountains. It stretches from the village of Lærdalsøyri near the Sognefjord all the way up to the Filefjell mountains. The RLV includes both the up- and downhill run.

Road bike

North-Baltic-Sea-Canal 2

 55.4  131  133
Download   DVD € 15.00


 88.3  603  606
Download € 16.00

Big new special offer

Today there is a particularly large and interesting special offer. You can select 6 videos out of 30 for a total price of 55 Euros. Since this promotion also includes many videos at a newly reduced price, the price saving is extraordinarily high. This only applies to download versions.

Bergen 2017

 206.0  2671  2387
Download € 12.00
Mountain bike


 35.4  122  122
Download € 10.00

Col de Vars

 34.3  1132  782
Download € 12.00

Alpe d'Huez

 14.1  1089  1
Download € 10.00

San Bernardino

 30.0  1360  445
Download € 10.00

Masca (Tenerife)

 34.2  1481  634
Download € 10.00

New videos for christmas

The Frankfurt cycling classic "Around the Financial Centre Eschborn Frankfurt" was held for the 56th time on 1 May 2017. In addition to the traditional professional race, there is always a big cycling festival with 17 races on this day. The professional race is part of the WorldTour and there are always some big names at the start.

About 400 mountain bike enthusiasts start every year in October at the Engel-Cup in Daugendorf. The route along and over the Swabian Alb has been attracting enthusiasts from all sectors of the mountain bike scene for years, from hobby cyclists to professionals.

Financial Centre Eschborn Frankfurt

 107.8  1354  1335
Download € 20.00
Mountain bike

Engel Cup 2017

 45.2  976  975
Download € 12.00

New videos

The Murgtal cycle path or Tour de Murg is the most popular cycle route in the Murg valley. It leads a good 60 kilometers along the Murg between Rastatt and Freudenstadt. However, we do not drive like the recreational cyclists and family route downhill, but tackle the sporting challenge uphill.

The next is a real winter RLV, filmed from a real winter bicycle. This is filmed by Øyvind (Frøya, Smøla, Lillehammer-Oslo, Sunnan) when participating in the 2016 unofficial Norwegian fatbike championship, taking place in the ski tracks at Lygna ski stadium. The last is a tour in the National Park Bavarian Forest with parts of the Tour of Bavaria.

Road bike

Tour de Murg

 62.3  832  253
Download € 14.00
Mountain bike


 27.8  323  328
Download € 10.00

National Park Bavaria

 47.7  1149  842
Download € 12.00

New videos of the season 2017/2018

The upcoming season brings two more videos from my 12-piece Mallorca collection. The route from Cala Figuera to Alcudia is relatively flat through hilly terrain. Bunyola - Orient - Deià is the continuation of the tour with start in Valldemossa and is like this rather mountainous. It is really mountainous when you cross the Nufenen and Gotthard pass in Switzerland. The famous southern driveway is used over the old cobblestone street. Nearly completely flat are the two following routes, the cycle paths on the North-Baltic-Sea-Canal and the Middle Rhine. Both are the first parts of 2 resp. 3 parts. The last new video, Helgøya, is a very vigorous video, filmed directly before sunset.

Cala Figuera - Alcudia

 95.1  770  786
Download   DVD € 20.00

Bunyola - Orient - Deià

 86.4  1770  1727
Download   DVD € 20.00

Nufenen - Gotthard

 59.0  1996  1847
Download   DVD € 18.00
Road bike

North-Baltic-Sea-Canal 1

 49.9  60  60
Download   DVD € 15.00
Road bike

Middle Rhine bikeway Part 1

 50.6  117  117
Download   DVD € 15.00


 41.4  547  482
Download € 12.00

Strava and Garmin Connect Support

Due to regular requests for the presentation of the route and the height profile of workouts on Strava, I have built a tool that can be used to prepare TCX activities exported from the Tacx Trainer Software for Strava, Garmin Connect and similar portals. The processed files then have to be uploaded into the portal. The processing works for all predefined sections (even if you have aborted them). Self-defined routes work with the correct starting point. Also, of course, it only works for my videos. And here is the TCX processing.

About us produces and distributes since 2006 Real Life Videos for various vr trainers and ergometers.

The choice of routes is very diverse: from flat tours for basic training up to sweaty Alpine stages in different regions, everything is available.

Shipping is worldwide, accepted payment methods are bank transfer and Paypal.

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