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Real Life Videos

for VR Trainers and Ergometers

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New special offer

In the current special offer you can select 5 DVD videos out of a selection of 18 RLVs for a total price of 45 Euro. Some examples:


€ 10.00

Allgäu 2

from€ 10.00

Fränkische Schweiz

€ 12.00


€ 12.00

Col du Sanetsch

from€ 10.00


from€ 10.00


€ 10.00


€ 10.00
Road bike

Cycling Challenge

from€ 10.00
Road bike


from€ 10.00

Challenge Roth

from€ 10.00


€ 12.00

Another trainer software plays now Real Life Video

The free software Big Ring Indoor Video Cycling may now be used to train with Real Life Videos. There is also a documentation. So who owns an ANT+ FE-C trainer may now use this software.

Find more informations at my Big Ring page.

Last new video for this season

Right for spring there comes a beautiful spring video through the fruit growing area in Lower Bavaria. The route between Danube and Inn is hilly with moderate average gradients of 2.5%.

Rotttaler Apfeltour

 59.4  746  641
Download € 16.00

Update for Windows 10 issues

Tacx: Microsoft published the cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based systems (KB3124262) on 27-02-16, which fixes the problems with Videoplayer 1. So you can use this again after installation. Despite some Tacx updates Videoplayer 2 still doesn't work satisfying on all systems. Please notice the posts in the Tacx Forum to Videoplayer 2.

Ergoplanet works again under Windows 10 after installation of two updates. See the article in the Bikeboard Forum (german).

About us produces and distributes since 2006 Real Life Videos for various vr trainers and ergometers.

The choice of routes is very diverse: from flat tours for basic training up to sweaty Alpine stages in different regions, everything is available.

Shipping is worldwide, accepted payment methods are bank transfer and Paypal.

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Sehr schnelle Bestellabwicklung, trotz später Abendstunde! Vielen Dank, da macht das Trainieren mit den tollen Videos noch mehr Spaß. ;-)