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    Die RLV's laufen auch unter Windows 10. Heute getestet. Bestellabwicklung und Qualität der RLV's sind top. Weiter so.

Latest news

Summer news the second

There are new special offers available: The action is '3 Real Life Videos for 33 Euro'. You can select 3 videos out of 10 for a total price of 33 Euro. Just place them in your shopping cart, the discount appears at the end of the ordering process in the order summary.

The two RLVs Challenge Roth and Col du Sanetsch are now available as newly encoded download versions. As already the other updates in FullHD, stabilized and with BluRay codec. For Challenge Roth also the height profile was completely new created (can be updated with RLVUpdatesSetup.exe). Both updates are available for only € 2.00.

With demo

Challenge Roth

 94.3  818  861
Download   DVD from€ 10
With demo

Col du Sanetsch

 81.7  3721  1335
Download   DVD from€ 10

Until the publishing of the new videos the old season package is offered for only € 49.00.

Season 2015

Telegraphe - Galibier, Col d'Izoard - Risoul, Challenge Kraichgau, Berlin Beetzsee. € 49.00

Furthermore the Paypal charges are omitted throughout the summer for all orders.

The last new videos of the season

Today there are the last new videos of the winter season. A little tidbit is the downhill from Alpe d'Huez. Certainly no track with great training effect, but very nice to roll out. The two short trips in Norway are relatively flat and offer again as Friisvegen a 360° view. At last there is the ascent to Saint Martin, another video at the region as Allos-Champs.

Alpe d'Huez - Downhill

 14.3  0  1075
Download € 4.00
Road bike

Kvingo - Andås

 32.5  544  544
Download € 8.00
Road bike

Saint Martin

 20.6  1042  30
Download € 6.00

Update: New, greatly improved download versions

I have a new version of my image stabilization software. This provides significantly better results than the previously used. For this reason, I have already re-created some routes filmed by bicycle. The older RLVs, Rheinradweg, Cycling Challenge and Open MTB Marathon, which were previously only available on DVD, have now been produced in FullHD with BluRay codec and a high bit rate. This provides a much better picture quality. Also the videos Kraut and Rüben Bikeway and Mandelpfad have been re-stabilized and were produced with the BuRay codec.

The price for the download versions remains unchanged, the DVD version is been reduced for € 8.00 to € 10.00. If you already have the DVD version, you may request the update for only € 2.00. Whoever buys the DVD now and will update later, can do that for the price difference. The update to old versions of the Danube cycle path also costs € 2.00.

Road bike

Kraut und Rüben

 57.0  186  192
Download   DVD from€ 9
Mountain bike


 71.8  1239  1332
Download   DVD from€ 9
Road bike

Cycling Challenge

 68.0  1310  1240
Download   DVD from€ 10
Road bike


 79.7  102  121
Download   DVD from€ 10
Mountain bike

Open MTB

 33.8  601  599
Download   DVD from€ 8
Road bike

Danube Cycle Path

 72.4  138  136
Download € 14.00

First new videos 2015

There is a special highlight at the beginning of the year: Lofoten Insomnia - a bicycle race under the midnight sun at Lofoten. The very special light conditions and the racing with other cyclists make this RLV a real pleasure. The second new video is the Col de la Madeleine and extends the line of french alps routes.

In addition, there are the two top sellers videos Allgäu 1+2 now available as DVD and as download versions.

The download versions published since autumn are now combined in a separate package with a discount of more than 10%.

Road bike


 58.7  431  433
Download € 16.00


 44.8  1593  1499
Download € 10.00


 74.3  1028  998
Download   DVD € 13.00
With demo

Allgäu 2

 68.5  1130  1106
Download   DVD from€ 10

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