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Real Life Videos

for VR Trainers and Ergometers

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Latest news

Another problem with Windows 10

Caused by an automatic update of Windows 10 something is damaged in the TTS4 installation, what causes my RLVs to crash. Currently the only known solution is deinstallation and re-installation of TTS4.

3 cycling classics now on DVD, a new video and a new download version

The previously only as downloads available videos Rad am Ring, Alpe d'Huez and Sa Calobra are now summarized on a DVD. Øyungen rundt is a relatively small MTB race. As its name implies, the main part of the course goes around the Øyungen lake.

In addition, the video Challenge Kraichgau is now also available as a download version.

Road bike

Cycling classics

 49.2  2191  530
DVD € 29.00
Mountain bike


 50.1  1052  831
Download € 10.00

Challenge Kraichgau

 89.6  1035  1014
Download   DVD € 18.00

New action offer: 4 Real Life Videos for 55 Euro

This time you can select 4 videos out of 20 for a total price of 55 Euro. Some examples:

Croix de Fer

 59.7  1787  1646
Download   DVD € 18.00
With demo

Telegraphe - Galibier

 43.6  2049  709
Download   DVD € 15.00
With demo
Mountain bike


 57.5  302  120
Download   DVD € 18.00
Road bike


 88.2  870  814
Download € 16.00

Berlin Southern Area

 80.1  311  313
Download € 18.00
Mountain bike


 86.2  938  1360
Download € 18.00

New price reductions and new download package

I have lowered the prices for some videos and the newer downloads are now available as Download Package 2017 Part 3.


Moldavia reservoir

 77.8  956  915
Download € 6.00
Road bike


 76.1  1099  1099
Download € 10.00

Download Package '17-3

Val d'Anniviers, Sa Calobra, Valldemossa, Marmaris, Øyungen.       € 59.00

Strava and Garmin Connect Support

Due to regular requests for the presentation of the route and the height profile of workouts on Strava, I have built a tool that can be used to prepare TCX activities exported from the Tacx Trainer Software for Strava, Garmin Connect and similar portals. The processed files then have to be uploaded into the portal. The processing works for all predefined sections (even if you have aborted them). Self-defined routes work with the correct starting point. Also, of course, it only works for my videos. And here is the TCX processing.

New videos in the new year

The first video, Val d'Anniviers, is a mountain tour, located in the Swiss canton of Valais and leads through the beautiful Val d'Anniviers initially up to Zinal and after a short descent up to Lac de Moiry. The second video, Sa Calobra, is perhaps the most feared climb on Mallorca and a must do for many cyclists.

Valldemossa is the 4th video of my 12-part Mallorca collection. The course has a slightly mountainous character with a total of 6 climbs between 130 and 280 altimeters. It leads from Valldemossa via Andratx until just before Bunyola. Marmaris is a MTB tour in Turkey and follows the coast, but is also hilly and even a partial steep climb is to cope.

Val d'Anniviers

 54.2  2285  596
Download € 16.00
Road bike

Sa Calobra

 16.3  942  61
Download € 12.00


 84.7  1492  1733
Download   DVD € 20.00
Mountain bike


 45.5  922  924
Download € 10.00

About us produces and distributes since 2006 Real Life Videos for various vr trainers and ergometers.

The choice of routes is very diverse: from flat tours for basic training up to sweaty Alpine stages in different regions, everything is available.

Shipping is worldwide, accepted payment methods are bank transfer and Paypal.

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