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    Problemlose Bestellabwicklung. Schnelle Lieferung per Post und auch der Download lief ohne Störung. Die erste Probetour hat großen Spaß gemacht. Super Bildqualität. Gerne wieder.

Latest news

Update for Windows 10 issues

Tacx has released version 4.17.3, with which the videos run synchronized with Videoplayer 2. Windows 10 users can therefore use from now this player instead of the no longer functioning VP1. Of course, also Win 7 and 8 users will benefit from the update.
However, the update does not solve the problems for TTS1-TTS3 and Ergoplanet.

New videos and a new special offer

There are two more new videos: The first is from Turkey and offers besides the beautiful landscape a very interesting profile with longer flat, but also very steep sections. The second video is a 20-man-team pursuit — and you are right inside of it... You follow Team Intersport on 65 km of the 190 km race from Lillehammer to Oslo.

With the new special offer you can make a very good deal this time: Either you buy two packages with an additional discount of 10 Euro, or you select three packages with an overall discount of 15 Euro. Valid for all packages except trial and base training package.

Mountain bike


 44.5  633  633
Download € 14.00
Road bike


 65.3  381  561
Download € 14.00

Windows 10

Tacx Trainer Software 4 and Tacx Videoplayer: The videoplayer 1 currently does not work on Windows 10. See the article in the Tacx Forum.

Ergoplanet: The program currently does not work on Windows 10. See the article in the Bikeboard Forum (german).

Even more informative

On the page Route selection you can now display the videos based on various criteria such as length, height meters or country.

In addition, the maximum and the average slope of the ascents are now also displayed on the detail pages of videos.

New publications of the season 2015/2016

The first new videos for the new season contain, as usual, a few quite special tidbits: There are new admissions of the (ancient) videos Furka-Grimsel-Susten and Black Forest - in comparison to the old versions of course a difference like day and night. With the Queichradweg and Berlin Southern country there are two new, practically flat courses. Most Norway visitors will certainly know the Trollstigen, nevertheless, it is the most famous climb there. The Tour de France led this year twice on the Croix de Fer, we have him only once before ourselves. A wonderful route on the Canaries island La Palma, a bicycle race in Norway and a diverse round in the Passauer country round the offer.

For the first time all the videos released on DVD are optionally also available as download versions.


 105.8  2802  3350
Download   DVD € 22.00

Croix de Fer

 59.7  1787  1646
Download   DVD € 18.00

La Palma Southern

 70.5  1496  1507
Download   DVD € 20.00
With demo
Mountain bike


 57.5  302  120
Download   DVD € 18.00
With demo
Road bike


 49.9  897  897
Download   DVD € 18.00

Blackforest 2015

 99.6  2952  2621
Download € 22.00

Berlin Southern

 80.1  311  313
Download € 20.00
Road bike


 21.1  1483  11
Download € 12.00

Country of Passau

 61.5  958  1097
Download € 14.00

Free shipping and no more payment fees

Now the previously upraised Paypal surcharge is cancelled permanently for all customers.

All customers from Germany immediately don't have to pay any shipping costs regardless of order value. Customers from other countries pay for an order value below 50 euros only a shipping portion of 3 euros, above the delivery is also free for these.

New package offers

Of course, all new videos are also available as favorable package offers, as well as a new download package mountains.

Season 2016 Package

Furka-Grimsel-Susten, Queich-bikeway, La Palma Southern, Croix de Fer, Trollstigen.       € 86.00

Download Package 2016-2

Berlin Southern, Blackforest 2015, Country of Passau, Nibberittet.       € 61.00

Download Package Mountains

Alpe d'Huez, Madeleine, Julier Pass, San Bernardino, St. Bernhard, Col du Sanetsch, Allos-Champs.       € 69.00

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