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Two new videos in the new year

The first video, Val d'Anniviers, is a mountain tour, located in the Swiss canton of Valais and leads through the beautiful Val d'Anniviers initially up to Zinal and after a short descent up to Lac de Moiry. The second video, Sa Calobra, is perhaps the most feared climb on Mallorca and a must do for many cyclists.

Val d'Anniviers

 54.2  2285  596
Download € 16.00
Road bike

Sa Calobra

 16.3  942  61
Download € 12.00

New action offer: 5 Real Life Videos for 49 Euro

This time you can select 5 videos out of 21 for a total price of 49 Euro. Some examples:

Road bike

Rad am Ring

 24.3  474  468
Download € 14.00

Nufenen West

 37.3  1287  1072
Download € 14.00

Masca (Tenerife)

 34.2  1481  634
Download € 13.00

Col de Vars

 34.3  1132  782
Download € 14.00
Road bike

King of the Lake

 46.0  277  284
Download € 12.00
Road bike


 42.5  94  92
Download € 12.00

Three new videos at Christmas time

The first video is the third part of my 12-part Mallorca collection. The Vuelta a Mallorca is a 4-day stage race in February which was won this year by André Greipel. The second route is a quite long and hilly tour in the so-called Bäderdreieck southwest of Passau. The last new RLV is again a varied road cycling race in Norway.

Vuelta Mallorca first stage

 61.8  313  319
Download € 16.00
Road bike


 93.3  958  971
Download € 14.00
Road bike


 72.8  748  748
Download € 12.00

New Videos of the 2016/2017 season

Today, there are two new videos. The Nufenenpass is the highest intra-Swiss Pass. The tour starts in Airolo and leads in western direction until Ulrichen. The second video, Børsabergan, is an informal team time trial race. It starts in Øysand, goes to Orkanger and back again.

There are now 8 new videos at the beginning of the new season. Among them, the 1st two of my 12-part Mallorca collection. The first leads from Alcudia to Sant Elm directly to the sea, the second from Alcudia to Felanitx and Petra. As already announced shows another video the prologue and the beginning of the 1st stage of the Tour de France 2017 in Düsseldorf. A tour in the north of La Palma completes the video published last season on the 'green island'. The Col du Lautaret is the last video of my 'France-session'. These 5 RLVs are available as DVD, and also as download versions.

Tabaktour is a relatively short base-training RLV, also suited for treadmills. Frøya and Sunnan are two racevideos from Norway, one very flat for roadbikes, one a MTB race. The special feature of the latter is, that it contains 2 different perspectives of the same group of drivers.

Nufenen West

 37.3  1287  1072
Download € 14.00
Road bike


 42.8  239  239
Download € 12.00
With demo

Alcudia - Sant Elm

 97.9  1115  1135
Download   DVD € 25.00

Alcudia - Felanitx

 84.7  626  581
Download   DVD € 20.00

Tour de France 2017

 65.4  358  361
Download   DVD € 18.00

La Palma Northern Route

 89.6  2841  2715
Download   DVD from€ 20

Col du Lautaret

 62.2  1409  820
Download   DVD € 20.00
Mountain bike


 35.4  122  122
Download € 10.00
Road bike


 43.0  292  293
Download € 12.00
Mountain bike


 84.4  1388  1392
Download € 14.00

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The choice of routes is very diverse: from flat tours for basic training up to sweaty Alpine stages in different regions, everything is available.

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