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Åfjord (Download version) - Sold out

Road bike

Åfjordrittet (The Åfjord Race) is a relatively small bike race that starts and ends in the Åfjord village. The first part of the race follows the Åfjord and Skråfjord fjords towards the Lauvøya island in the west. On this part there is a lot of "action" going on. There will be a lot of tactical riding, and two riders manage to escape from the crowd in the front, even though there is a strong headwind. You will see that the landscape is getting more "naked" (less trees) as you are getting closer to the open ocean. When you have passed the long mole to Lauvøya, you follow the road back towards Åfjord. This part mostly runs by the sea, so it is quite flat. It is very beautiful and the weather is also nice.

After passing Åfjord, it is time for the second half of the race, which is more hilly. Unfortunately the weather changes from sunshine to rain, so there is some water on the lens on this part. For those of you who prefer flatter profiles and nice weather, you can choose to run only the first part.

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First part
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#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Frank de GrootTTS422-02-2572.8 km02:17:3231.8 km/h---
2Detlev JenschkeTTS420-11-2172.8 km02:17:4531.7 km/h188 W

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