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Monte Albo (Sardinia) (Download or DVD version)

This Real Life Video was shot on Sardinia in Italy. The route leads around the Monte Albo massif on the east coast of the island. The start is near Capo Camino and the route leads over Irgoli and Loculi up to Lula and continues on the west side of the massif before it finally goes down to Siniscola where the purchase video ends. The complete circular route back to the start is closed with the free video Siniscola (as demo).

Unfortunately, very little flies were often on the lens, which show up as a shadow in the picture. I hope that does not matter too much - and somehow that's the way it is in the southern climes. You can get an idea in the free video and the preview.

Demo version

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Bestseller-rank: No. 52 (12 months)
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Monte Albo

76.2 1173 1145 491
max 9.1% Ø 2.9% 2:55 1:30 1080p
Start - Q8
Q8 - Siniscola
Start - Lula
Lula - Siniscola
Start - Monte Albo


13.9 85 145 10
max 6.3% Ø 1.6% 1:25 1080p

The download version was recreated with the BluRay codec with higher bitrate. Upgrades are possible at the difference price plus € 4.00. Please contact me.

Article number: 10055

Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Frank de GrootTTS4IT_MonteAlbo22-02-2376.2 km02:40:1728.5 km/h---
2FredBigRingVR6IT_MonteAlbo21-10-2476.2 km03:03:5524.9 km/h187 W
3Armin HarterTTS4IT_MonteAlbo/Start - Q822-01-2931.4 km01:15:1125 km/h145 W

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