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Allgäu (Download or DVD version)

This was the first highlight of my Real Life Videos. It was filmed in the best weather in the beautiful german Allgäu region. It snowed the days before, so in the higher elevations it still have snow on the fields.

The track leads from Bodelsberg near Kempten over Görisried, Eschenau, Ronried, Wald, Albisried, Rückholz, Untereuten and Hertingen to Nesselwang. From there over Wertach, Acker, Moosbach and Untergassen back to Bodelsberg.

An update for the Allgäu video can be installed with the RLVUpdatesSetup.exe. This update contains an optimized height profile.

When you purchase the download version, you receive the necessary download link after payment is booked.

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74.0 1028 998 599
max 10.0% Ø 2.9% 1:31 1080p
Start - Nesselwang
Start - Wertach
Nesselwang - Ende
The video is in FullHD resolution, please have a look at the system info to assure the video will run without problems.
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#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Frank de GrootTTS421-03-0974 km02:28:5229.8 km/h---

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