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Val d'Anniviers (Download version)

This mountain tour is located in the Swiss canton of Valais and leads through the beautiful Val d'Anniviers initially up to Zinal and after a short descent up to Lac de Moiry. The tour starts in Sierre-sur-Rhône, crosses the river and leads over 24 km and 1100 vertical meters to Zinal. The slopes are consistently moderate and are located in the kilometer medium never appreciably above 7%. The descent to Vissoie follows the much tougher climb to Lac de Moiry. Here is to cope the same height differnce on only 15 km. So there are also average gradients of over 10% to cope with, but the maximum gradient is only at about 13%. Throughout the driveway offers lots of great views of the summits of the Weisshorn group in the Valais Alps.

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Val d'Anniviers

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