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Aschachtal (Download version)

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If you look at the elevation profile of this route, you will first notice the two striking climbs that do not really fit into a river valley tour. The Aschach is a river in Upper Austria in the districts of Grieskirchen and Eferding. Together with Trattnach and Innbach it drains the northern Hausruck directly to the Danube. This information is provided by the knowledge guards in Wikipedia.

For us cyclists, the Aschach has created an 8.4 km long valley, which is ideal for cycling. You cycle mainly under a deciduous forest roof, accompanied by the babbling little river on a slightly ascending road. In order to get into this valley, we first have to pedal 35.5 km long.

Starting point is Jochenstein on the Bavarian side. But already after 1 km we change to Austria. It goes on the Danube cycle path eastwards and from km 16 (Schlögener Schlinge) in an 8 km long ascent up to Haibach o.d.Donau. From there the terrain takes us to km 31 (Haizing) the get to work. Through Aschachtal itself, down to Waizenkirchen and the further Hausruck round gets without effort. It becomes serious only back to Willing, where the tour leaves the main route. Then the last reserves have to be mobilized for 2.6 km. Ascends up to 11% are awaiting us. The descent down to the Danube is more than compensation.

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