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Berlin Beetzsee (Download or DVD version)

This route leads from Berlin Wannsee around the Betzsee in the western state of Brandenburg in a wide loop to the vicinity of the Fahrlander lake. Even though you often can catch only glimpses of the lakes mentioned (and others that are in this landscape), so one can imagine that one here in very flat terrain moves. In the nearly 400 altitude meters, there is hardly ever an increase of more than 10 meters. In contrast, the landscape - typical East German - is dominated by long avenues and sparse forest. Also, there are some large wind farms to generate energy. In addition, some rare views of wildlife were captured, more was not revealed here.

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Berlin Beetzsee

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Gatow - Beetzsee
Beetzsee - Fahrland
Gatow - Ketzin
Ketzin - Päwesin
Päwesin - Fahrland
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Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Jens TiegsFortius21-05-2296.4 km02:36:0737.1 km/h---
2U.S.TTS421-05-2396.4 km02:50:4233.9 km/h---
3Detlev JenschkeTTS421-12-0296.4 km02:55:2433 km/h192 W
4Rainer NehlsErgoplanet21-02-0996.4 km03:00:5832 km/h159 W
5FredBigRingVR621-10-0396.4 km03:11:2130.2 km/h172 W
6Detlev JenschkeTTS4Beetzsee - Fahrland21-12-3143.5 km01:19:5032.7 km/h188 W
7U.S.TTS4Gatow - Beetzsee22-01-1452.8 km01:32:4934.2 km/h---
8Detlev JenschkeTTS4Gatow - Beetzsee21-12-2552.8 km01:40:0231.7 km/h177 W
9Craig PorterTTS4Gatow - Ketzin21-08-0730.5 km00:51:3235.5 km/h211 W
10Jens TiegsFortiusGatow - Ketzin21-04-1830.5 km00:55:3432.9 km/h---
11Matthias KaiserTTS4Gatow - Ketzin21-11-1730.5 km01:03:1528.9 km/h--- 50
12Jens TiegsFortiusKetzin - Päwesin21-04-1933.2 km00:55:0536.2 km/h---
13Matthias KaiserTTS4Ketzin - Päwesin21-11-1733.2 km01:06:2430 km/h--- 50
14Matthias KaiserTTS4Päwesin - Fahrland21-11-1732.5 km01:09:0428.3 km/h--- 50

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