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Bergen Road Championship 2017 (Download version) Only until the end of the season

The 2017 UCI Road World Championships will be held in Bergen, Norway on 16.-24. September 2017. During these days, the world's best cyclists will compete in road race, time trial and team time trial events. This RLV contains the complete courses from start to finish for all of these events, so there is plenty of chances to get to know the courses before (or after) the events take place.

The road race course start at the archipelago of Øygarden. This part is quite flat and passes many islands and bridges (some more than a kilometer long) until it reaches the mainland. After a while you reach the city of Bergen at the suburb of Laksevåg. Here you enter the city circuit, which is 19 km long and passes through much of Bergen city. This part has more hills, with the main hill ("Salmon Hill") which rises about 100 meters. The Men Elite will do 12 laps. The RLV "only" covers 5 laps (the same as the juniors wil ride). But 130++ km is probably enough for most of you...

The TT race does two laps in a circuit that mostly follows the road race circuit. However, the second lap ends on the top of mount Fløyen. The last 3.5 km have an average of a whopping 9.2 %. Many riders will probably change their bikes at the bottom of the hill...

The team TT race starts at the island of Askøy. After a while the course passes the Askøy bridge (1057 metres) to the mainland. The first part is rather flat, with a few ups and downs, but towards the end there is one steep hill (Birkelund hill) having parts up to 15%. The end of the race follows the city circuit.

Bergen is called the "rain capital" of Norway, and the weather on the video is overcast with a few drops. Because of this (and other factors) the video quality is unfortunately quite poor. But it gives you an opportunity of getting to know the courses before watching the pros ride them in the World Championships.

This RLV is only available as a download version. After payment is booked you will receive the necessary download link.

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Bergen Straßenrennen

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Recommended system requirements:
Quad core 3.0 Ghz - Intel i7, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB harddisk, DVD+R(DL), DirectX9 compatible 3D card with 1 GB RAM, resolution 1920 x 1080, current Windows Codecs.
Note: If you are unsure whether your PC meets the conditions, you must download the demo version of the Col du Galibier video and test it on your training role with your software.
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