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Challenge Mallorca (Download version)

This is the 10th video of my 12-part Mallorca collection. The Challenge Peguera-Mallorca is a half distance triathlon of which the video shows one of two laps. The course is technical and challenging and passes through some of the most beautiful landscapes of Calvià and Mallorca. It combines mountains, natural landscapes at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range (UNESCO World Heritage), traditional villages, coastal strips, some of Europe's most famous tourist resorts and popular beaches on the island. The tour starts in Peguera and continues via Es Capdellà, a beautiful and small traditional village. After leaving the village of Calvià, the descent begins via Son Pillo, which takes the participants to the coast, back through the tourist areas of El Toro and Santa Ponça, until they arrive back in Peguera.

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Challenge Mallorca

43.0 467 421 181
max 10.3% Ø 2.1% 1:29 1:49 1080p
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Quad core 3.0 Ghz - Intel i7, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB harddisk, DVD+R(DL), DirectX9 compatible 3D card with 1 GB RAM, resolution 1920 x 1080, current Windows Codecs (at least Windows 7).
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Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Craig PorterTTS420-07-0343 km01:17:2533.3 km/h202 W
2Gary "Moreno" TurnerTTS420-02-2043 km01:20:4531.9 km/h175 W
3Daniel J.TTS421-03-1943 km01:20:5531.9 km/h---
4Gary "Moreno" TurnerTTS418-12-2743 km01:24:1630.6 km/h184 W
5Peter AdamKWT221-07-2443 km01:24:4330.4 km/h224 W 80
6Gary "Moreno" TurnerTTS421-01-1643 km01:24:5130.4 km/h178 W

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KWT: Evaluations in XML format
Ergoplanet: Result file in FITLOG format
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