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Bunyola - Orient - Deià (Download or DVD version)

This is the 6th video of my 12-part Mallorca collection and the continuation of the tour from Valldemossa. Like the first part of the route, this is also quite mountainous with several long ascents of up to 500 meters at 11 km. Shortly after the start you reach Bunyola, from where it goes up to Orient. Then via Alaró, Lloseta, Selva and Caimari to the Coll de sa Batalla. Past the fork to the monastery Lluc and the Gorg Blau down to Sóller and finally to the destination in Deià.

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Bunyola - Orient - Deià

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max 10.4% Ø 4.0% 3:41 1:48 1080p
Start - Coll de sa Batalla
Coll de sa Batalla - Deia
Start - Lloseta
Lloseta - Gorg Blau
Gorg Blau - Deia
Start - Gorg Blau
Lloseta - Deia
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Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Martin SühringTTS421-03-1686.4 km02:48:1530.8 km/h---
2Gary "Moreno" TurnerTTS419-12-1586.4 km02:49:1730.6 km/h189 W
3Ralf MöllsTTS421-01-0386.4 km03:39:2823.6 km/h---
4ReimannKWT3Coll de sa Batalla - Deia21-02-0341 km01:16:3432.1 km/h121 W 50
5Matthias KaiserTTS4Coll de sa Batalla - Deia21-02-0841 km01:29:3227.5 km/h--- 25
6Matthias KaiserTTS4Start - Coll de sa Batalla21-02-0845.4 km01:45:0525.9 km/h--- 25
7ReimannKWT3Start - Lloseta21-02-1228.7 km00:55:0431.3 km/h134 W 50

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