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Around the Financial Centre Eschborn Frankfurt (Download version)

The Frankfurt cycling classic was held for the 56th time on 1 May 2017. In addition to the traditional professional race, there is always a big cycling festival with 17 races on this day. The professional race is part of the WorldTour and there are always some big names at the start. Traditionally, the race offers good chances for the sprinters. With Marcel Kittel, André Greipel, Alexander Kristoff, John Degenkolb, Peter Sagan, Sam Bennett, Fernando Gaviria, Michael Matthews and Pascal Ackermann there are a whole series of fast men. In 2017 Alexander Kristoff won for the third time in a row.

After the start in Eschborn, the cycle route leads first to Frankfurt and then northwards. Behind Bad Homburg and Oberursel the main climb starts after 41 kilometres. After a good 15 kilometres of climbing, the peak of the Feldberg is reached. The ascents Kittelhütte, Ruppertshainer and Eppstein lead to Schwalbach am Taunus and back to Eschborn.

The route is essentially the same as the new route from 2018 onwards. With only a few differences, although I think the old route is much more interesting. The video was not filmed during the event.

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Finanzplatz Eschborn Frankfurt

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Eschborn - Großer Feldberg
Großer Feldberg - Eschborn
Eschborn - Bad Homburg
Bad Homburg - Schloßborn
Schloßborn - Eschborn
Eschborn - Schloßborn
Bad Homburg - Eschborn
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#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Detlev JenschkeTTS420-11-14107.8 km03:28:0431.1 km/h192 W
2Frank de GrootTTS421-02-14107.8 km03:30:1930.8 km/h199 W
3Neza van der LeeuwTTS422-01-23107.8 km03:41:1829.2 km/h---
4Matthias KaiserTTS4Bad Homburg - Schloßborn21-01-1836.5 km01:27:2625.1 km/h--- 25
5Matthias KaiserTTS4Eschborn - Bad Homburg21-01-1836.5 km01:23:1426.3 km/h--- 25
6Matthias KaiserTTS4Schloßborn - Eschborn21-01-2034.6 km01:17:0427 km/h--- 25

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