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Frøya (Download version)

Road bike

Frøya is an island on the coast of middle Norway, and just like its neighbour island Smøla, it is almost completely flat. Tour de Frøya is a bike race that runs around the island, which attracts about 1000 participants every year. The race is famous for its local engagement and competition between the small villages, and you will see lots of spectators along the way.

When Øyvind (Lillehammer-Oslo, Smøla, Sunnan) was asked if he wanted to film this race, he answered: "That would be fun. My legs feel good, so I might as well do some offensive riding, to make a good video". And what a video it is! After a bad start due to some technical problems, you ride past all of the competitors and go straight into the lead. You continue to challenge the other riders by attacking in the short uphills, and soon there are only three of you left. How it ends, is up to you to find out, but there will be a battle to the bitter end. Along the way there are many crazy spectators, and the views are also stunning.

If there is one word to describe this RLV, it must be FUN!

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