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Lofoten Insomnia (Download version)

Road bike

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to participate in a bicycle race under the midnight sun? Probably not, but here is the answer anyway. Lofoten Insomnia is a bicycle race that takes place in the middle of the summer at Lofoten. As the name implies, this race takes place at night. You actually pedal the whole night, under the light of the sun. The longest distance is 270 km and starts at the end of the road in Å, before going northeast to the finish point in Lødingen.

This RLV contains an excerpt from the race. It starts right before Napp and ends right after the island of Gimsøy. The start and the end of the RLV follows the E10, while the rest follows a smaller road on the south side of the Vestvågøya island. Apart from a few hills at the beginning (the steepest is in an underwater tunnel), most of the road is flat.

When you are cruising at 40 km/h in a long row of cyclists, and you pass fjord after fjord on your right, mountain after mountain on your left, and an occasional house or a sheep by the road, you start thinking to yourself: Racing under the midnight sun isn't bad after all...

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Lofoten Insomnia

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