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Challenge Kraichgau (Ironman 70.3) (Download or DVD version)

The Challenge Kraichgau, in the "land of 1000 hills", in 2009 emerged from the Triathlon Festival Kraichgau. Since then, even Sebastian Kienle, Normann Stadler and Andreas Raelert could enter into the winners list this half-distance race. From 2015 the race will be held as Ironman 70.3 Kraichgau in the Ironman 70.3 race series.

The competition in the north-west of Baden-Württemberg has it all. Both the topography, as well as the picturesque scenery have a lot to offer. The race starts near Hardtsee and results on a challenging course with over 1,000 meters of altitude across the Kraichgau to the final destination Bad Schönborn.

Up to the changed route in Flehingen where the track is closed to normal traffic, the tour will naturally run on the original course.

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Challenge Kraichgau

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#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1kurti67TTS42. Zeitnahme - Ende21-04-0839.6 km01:20:1829.6 km/h168 W
2Matthias KaiserTTS42. Zeitnahme - Ende20-11-2739.6 km01:25:2727.8 km/h--- 25
3kurti67TTS4Start - 2. Zeitnahme21-04-0750.1 km01:39:1530.3 km/h182 W
4Matthias KaiserTTS4Start - 2. Zeitnahme20-11-2750.1 km01:48:2327.7 km/h--- 25

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