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Lærdal (Download version)

The Lærdal valley is a deep valley, surrounded by high mountains. It stretches from the village of Lærdalsøyri near the Sognefjord (the second longest fjord in the world) all the way up to the Filefjell mountains.

This RLV is actually divided into two. One RLV starts in the old centre of Lærdalsøyri, almost at the end of the Aurland-Lærdal RLV, and continues up the valley until the village of Borlaug. Most of the time it follows the Lærdal river, and you can see its rapids and small waterfalls. You will also see the old Borgund stave church, built sometime between year 1181 and 1200.

The other RLV takes you back from Borlaug to Lærdalsøyri, and ends just by the bank of the Sognefjord. It mostly follows the same roads as the upgoing RLV, but some of the roads are different.

The hills on this RLV are not very steep. On the upgoing RLV, most of the time there is a slight uphill (normally less than 2%). The downgoing RLV has a slight downhill most of the time, so it might be good for training at high speeds.

The views are spectacular as you ride up and down the valley. Enjoy!

This RLV is only available as a download version and for selected countries on USB stick. After payment is booked you will receive the necessary download link.

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System requirements

Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1FerdiErgoplanetNO_Laerdal-down22-02-0345.3 km01:07:4540.1 km/h234 W
2FerdinandErgoplanetNO_Laerdal-down21-12-1945.3 km01:08:4639.5 km/h224 W
3Herbert PlatzerErgoplanetNO_Laerdal-down20-12-2745.3 km01:15:0036.2 km/h175 W
4FredIncyclistNO_Laerdal-down22-09-0645.3 km01:18:1434.7 km/h157 W
5Matthias KaiserTTS4NO_Laerdal-down20-11-1745.3 km01:26:2931.4 km/h--- 25
6Ferdi_LoErgoplanetNO_Laerdal-up21-12-1743.1 km01:21:1431.8 km/h211 W
7FerdinandErgoplanetNO_Laerdal-up21-12-1743.1 km01:21:1431.8 km/h211 W
8Craig PorterTTS4NO_Laerdal-up21-01-1743 km01:21:4331.6 km/h228 W
9FerdiErgoplanetNO_Laerdal-up22-02-0243 km01:24:3130.6 km/h194 W
10Herbert PlatzerErgoplanetNO_Laerdal-up20-12-2743 km01:25:1730.3 km/h194 W
11Matthias KaiserTTS4NO_Laerdal-up20-11-1743 km01:33:0327.8 km/h--- 25
12FredIncyclistNO_Laerdal-up22-09-0443 km01:45:4024.4 km/h160 W
13Armin HarterTTS4NO_Laerdal-up22-04-2543 km02:01:4421.2 km/h158 W

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KWT: Evaluations in XML format
BigRing: Workout in TCX format
Ergoplanet: Result file in FITLOG format
Incyclist: Ride file in JSON format
Fortius: Catalyst run file in CAF format
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