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Col du Lautaret (Download or DVD version)

With a total length of almost 70 km from Le Bourg d'Oisans in the west and Briançon in the east, the Lautaret is rather a long pass. The altitude difference of about 1300 meters is not to despise and make it a moderate to severe bike ride.

Soon after the start the route bends in the Gorges de l'Infernet, Hell Canyon, and increases to 10%. Along the reservoir of Chambon you pass some partly unlit tunnel before you go along the Romanche at a moderate slope to Les Freaux where the slope again increases to 8-10%. After another tunnel it's curvy further to the pass. The long descent to Briançon usually has only a slight slope so that pedaling is announced.

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Col du Lautaret

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Lac de Chambon - Monetier Les Bains
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