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Lillehammer - Oslo (Download version)

Road bike

Lillehammer-Oslo is a 190 km bike race. It is one of the most popular races in Norway, and it is held together with the (probably more famous) 540 km Trondheim-Oslo race (along with shorter distances). Even though this is also an individual race, the most prestigious competition is a 20-man team pursuit. You will here follow Team Intersport riding the 190 km distance in under 4 hours. This RLV will not follow the entire distance, but you will follow them for the first 25 km, then 28 km in the middle, then the last 13 km to the finish line. Most of the RLV is quite flat, even though there are a few small hills here and there.

The weather is mostly overcast, and there is also a little rain. Also, the route is probably not the most spectacular one. However, you are not here to admire the view. You, along with your bunch of team mates, are here to ride from point A to point B as fast as you possibly can.

This should probably give a boost to your training. You are now part of a well-oiled machinery. There is no time to relax, no room for errors, so HTFU and continue to ride on to the finish line!

This RLV is only available as a download version and for selected countries on USB stick. After payment is booked you will receive the necessary download link.

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Lillehammer - Oslo

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#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Daniel J.TTS421-05-2565.3 km01:55:0834 km/h---
2Frank de GrootTTS422-01-2065.3 km01:57:1033.4 km/h---
3Matthias KaiserTTS420-12-1465.3 km02:12:4029.5 km/h125 W
4Daniel JoseTTS4Timed distance20-12-2359.3 km01:47:0333.2 km/h194 W

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