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Col de la Madeleine (Download version)

The Madeleine pass road starts from Notre Dame de Briançon and leads south across 14 bends with up to 12% slope, the 27 km up to the pass. Booneval, La Thulle and Celliers-Dessous are passed. The hillside is up here bare, completely tree and shrub free. The descent is somewhat flatter with 8-10% than the ascent, despite, or perhaps because of the 27 hairpin bends. You pass the modern ski resort of St.-Francois-Longchamp and behind Le Planet the track leads through light mixed forest down to La Chambre.

Unfortunately I had to take a rain break at the Col and while drying of the camera, I adjusted the zoom a bit. This results in the impression to drive slower than in reality. A video so for anyone who likes to depart somewhat slower.

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Col de la Madeleine

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