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Maifeld Cycle Path (Download version)

Road bike

The Maifeld Cycle Path is a cycle path along former railway lines in the so-called Eifler Maifeld and therefore has only slight gradients. The tour starts at the east railway station in Mayen and leads with a slight gradient into the Nette valley, which is bridged with the help of a 40-metre-high natural stone viaduct. Behind the viaduct the route leads through the 252 m long tunnel Hausen-2, which is followed by the Lehnen viaduct. With a length of 82 m, the viaduct has a height of only 8 m. Immediately afterwards the tunnel Hausen-1 with a length of 500 m follows. Now the route climbs slightly before reaching the cycling junction at the former Polch railway station. Here we take the branch via Mertloch and Naunheim to Münstermaifeld and back to Polch. From there we go past the former railway station of Kerben slightly uphill via the A48 and then with a slight gradient to the former railway station of Ochtendung where the cycle path ends.

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