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Mandelpfad (Almond path) (Download or DVD version)

Mountain bike

This tour follows "the pink ribbon of spring on the Palatine Almond Path through the Palatinate wine landscape." The Romans knew the pleasant climate in Palatinate appreciate - they brought the almond tree and have grown the wine here systematically.

The route goes from south to north through the South and Vorderpfalz through the vineyards along the Southern Wine Route in the Palatinate wine region. It begins at the German Wine Gate in Schweigen-Rechtenbach, running over Bad Bergzabern, Gleiszellen, Klingenmünster, Gleisweiler, Edenkoben, Maikammer, Neustadt on the Wine Route, Gimmeldingen, Deidesheim and on to Wachenheim. The path ends in Bad Dürkheim.

The video was shot by bike and often the road surface changes between road, field, forest and gravel paths.

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71.9 1266 1341 809
max 17.7% Ø 3.7% 2:51 2:18 1080p
Schweigen - Hainfeld
Hainfeld - Bad Dürkheim
Schweigen - Ranschbach
Ranschbach - St. Martin
St. Martin - Bad Dürkheim
Schweigen - St. Martin
Ranschbach - Bad Dürkheim

The download version has been better stabilized and the BluRay codec was used. Upgrades are available for the price difference plus € 4.00. Please contact me.

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1Edwin RobbersTTS4St. Martin - Bad Dürkheim21-03-2423.9 km00:41:2834.6 km/h225 W

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