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Menorca North (Download version)

This is the second of the three RLVs from Menorca. This is more hilly than the first one, although it has many flat parts. After Ferreries and Es Mercadal you will see that the landscape changes several times as you go as far north as you can go on Menorca: the lighthouse Far de Cavalleria. You will then go to the admire the view at the highest point of Menorca: El Toro. Then you visit the beautiful towns of Fornells and Platges de Fornells, before you head south towards the end at Sant Climent. The final Menorca RLV will then continue the loop from there.

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Download - Size: 12.4 GB
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Also availaible together with Menorca West, Menorca South for a reduced price of € 30.00.

Menorca Nord

84.2 1158 1093 880
max 21.5% Ø 2.8% 3:11 1920x1080
Recommended system requirements:
Quad core 3.0 Ghz - Intel i7, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB harddisk, DVD+R(DL), DirectX9 compatible 3D card with 1 GB RAM, resolution 1920 x 1080, current Windows Codecs (at least Windows 7).
Note: If you are unsure whether your PC meets the conditions, you must download the demo version of the Col du Galibier video and test it on your training role with your software.
Article number: 10157

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