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Menorca West (Download version)

This is the first of three RLVs from Menorca, a small island to the east of Mallorca. This one starts and ends at Cap d'Artutx, close to one of the seven famous lighthouses on the island.

After leaving Cap d'Artutx just after the sunrise, you enter the harbour of Cala'n Bosch, before you head north towards Ciutadella; the second largest city of the island. On the way towards Ciutadella you pass beautiful places such as Cala Blanca, Sa Caleta and Son Blanc. After a little back and forth inside the city, you take a beautiful sea road towards Torre del Ram, passing the lighthouse Faro Sa Farola. Then you head forther north towards another lighthouse: Far de Punta Nati.

After Far de Punta Nati you head east towards the beautiful Cala Morell, before heading south back to Cap d'Artutx.

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Also availaible together with Menorca North, Menorca South for a reduced price of € 30.00.

Menorca West

65.2 318 317 29
max 11.8% Ø 1.0% 2:00 1:30 1080p
Cap d'Artrutx - Far de Punta Nati
Far de Punta Nati - Cap d'Artrutx
Article number: 10151

Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Wilfried WeitzTTS421-04-2765.2 km02:10:0230.1 km/h143 W
2Matthias KaiserTTS4Cap d'Artrutx - Far de Punta Nati21-11-1833.1 km01:09:2428.7 km/h--- 50
3Matthias KaiserTTS4Far de Punta Nati - Cap d'Artrutx21-11-1832.1 km01:05:4929.3 km/h--- 50

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