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Michaelskapelle (Download version)

Mountain bike

The Michaelskapelle is a Baroque pilgrimage church on the Michaelsberg near Untergrombach on the western edge of the Kraichgau hill country. It was built from 1742 to 1744 on behalf of the Speyer prince-bishop Damian Hugo von Schönborn and renovated in 2007.

The tour starts near Grötzingen and follows the Pfinz for a short distance before turning northeast to Jöhlingen. Through the fields of Kraichgau it goes through Obergrombach to the chapel. A steep serpentine downhill goes to Untergrombach and near Staffort we meet again the Pfinz, which leads us back to the starting point.

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Start - Untergrombach
Untergrombach - Ende
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Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Edwin RobbersTTS421-04-1136.4 km01:09:1131.6 km/h201 W
2TomKWT321-04-1236.4 km01:11:2830.6 km/h214 W 80
3Christian SchrammTTS420-12-1336.4 km01:12:5330 km/h184 W
4Volker KrasseltErgoplanet21-11-0136.4 km01:14:4329.3 km/h174 W
5ThomasKWT320-12-2436.4 km01:21:3526.8 km/h173 W 80
6Matthias KaiserTTS4Start - Untergrombach20-11-2421.3 km00:47:0927.1 km/h--- 25
7Matthias KaiserTTS4Untergrombach - Ende20-11-2415.1 km00:31:2528.9 km/h--- 25

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