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Moldavia reservoir (Download version)

The tour starts in Guglwald in Austrian Mühlviertel shortly after crossing the border Austria/Czech Republic. It goes down to the Moldavia River Reservoir (czech Lipno), which is reached after 5 km. After a further 5 km along the western bank it goes over the dam towards the east. In fairly uniform terrain Lipno, Frymburk, Cerna and Horni Plana are passed before in Zelnava the slope percentages for the first time reaches two digit values??. In Volary (formerly Wallern) the direction changes to the west. Here you have the northern end of the reservoir already far behind and it follows the more demanding part of the tour. At km 63.2 the 4.5 km long climb begins up to 942 m high ski ressort Ceske Zleby. Relaxed it goes down to Stozec. The last 4.5 km to the Czech-Bavarian border, you can enjoy on a car-free street.

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