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Mühlviertel (Download version)

Cycling destinations in eastern Bavaria derive their appeal not least from the proximity to the Czech Republic and Austria. The best known is probably the Danube cycle path, which, because of its simple route profile is very popular with cycle tourists.

But as an ambitious cyclist, to drive from Passau to Linz, the capital of the Upper Austrian province, one takes the path over the Mühlviertel. The Mühlviertel takes its name from the rivers Große Mühl, Kleine Mühl and Steinerne Mühl, that flow through it. In its current terminology, it has existed since 1779, when the Machlandviertel was renamed.

This video takes us on a varied tour full of altitude meters. After the start in Obernzell we can roll up 15 km long. Then we leave the tourist stream and tackle a 9 km long climb. After the following descent, which leads us through Lembach, we cross the Kleine Mühl and already we go up again, this time to Altenfelden. We meander downhill through Neufelden to get to know the Große Mühl. And already it goes uphill again. With small interruptions 15 km long. Until km 70 we have time to relax, then it gets steep again. 2 km long it goes ten percent up to Gramastetten. Then the worst is over. A few more hills to Neulichtenberg, then we can already see down into the Danube valley and Linz lies at our feet.

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Kohlbachmühle - Neufelden
Neufelden - Linz
Kohlbachmühle - Lembach
Lembach - St. Veit
St. Veit - Linz
Kohlbachmühle - St. Veit
Lembach - Linz
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Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Frank de GrootTTS421-01-3182.6 km02:52:5028.7 km/h---
2Neza van der LeeuwTTS422-11-2682.6 km03:09:1226.2 km/h154 W
3Matthias KaiserTTS4Kohlbachmühle - Lembach21-01-0527.4 km01:05:3125.1 km/h--- 25
4Matthias KaiserTTS4Lembach - St. Veit21-01-0529.6 km01:11:2424.9 km/h--- 25
5Armin HarterTTS4Lembach - St. Veit21-02-2729.6 km01:43:3517.2 km/h148 W
6Matthias KaiserTTS4St. Veit - Linz21-01-0525.5 km00:57:0126.8 km/h--- 25
7Armin HarterTTS4St. Veit - Linz21-03-0325.5 km01:06:0723.1 km/h131 W

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