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National Park Bavarian Forest (Download version)

The tour starts in Hörmannsberg, 4.5 km before Grafenau, the central place of the national park. The county seat moved into the attention of the cycling fans, as in 2003 Erik Zabel won the fourth stage of the Tour of Bavaria here. Amazing for a sprinter because the city square rise is over 13% steep.

The participants of the 5th stage turned 2 km after the start left in the direction of Regen. Our tour leads to the right towards Rosenau and St. Oswald. And on this section we are almost alone. It becomes more lively again when we turn onto the county road FRG4 at km 15. But after a kilometer, the track arrow points to the left and the now beginning ascent to Waldhäuser and Lusenparkplatz (km 22.3) is an Eldorado for cyclists. On the Böhmstraße it goes rapidly downhill to the National Park and Baumwipfelhaus (km 27.5). Without stopping, we turn left into the national park road where one or the other car is overtaking us again. Although not in the car speed, but with good speed, we can take the next 10 km to Mauth under the wheels. There would be in winter a trip to the 7 km away cross-country center Finsterau. But we turn off into the Annathalstraße and attack the last climb at km 38.7. He leads us up to the ski center Mitterfirmiansreut (1022 m above sea level). From here we may roll out, because after 5 km we are at the finish.

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Nationalpark Bayern

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4Rainer NehlsErgoplanet20-12-2430.3 km01:30:0920.2 km/h170 W
5Matthias KaiserTTS4Start - Waldhäuser20-12-1519.6 km00:48:1524.4 km/h97 W 25
6Matthias KaiserTTS4Waldhäuser - Ende20-12-1528.1 km01:04:1126.3 km/h98 W 25

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