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Neidlingerberg (Download version)

Munich - Prague in one day! Don't you think? It gets even better, in twelve minutes. But you already know: this is not about the distance between the two European metropolises, but about smaller municipalities. They lie on one of the tranquil bicycle routes leading from the Ilz valley to the hills in front of the Bayerwald ridge. And as is the case with the Vorwald hills, you have to earn the peaks. On the way to the Neidlingerberg, many small "snappers" provide adrenaline rushes.

We start at the northern city limit of Passau. After a short rolling phase we get to know the first two-digit percentages at km 2.8. There is no time to relax up to the summit of the Daxberg (km 10.4). After the following 3 km long descent the next destination is the Auberg (km 15.7). In this section we pass Munich (km 14.3). While up to now we have only been on secondary roads, shortly before Prague (km 18.1) we turn onto a state road, which we leave again at km 18.7. On the nearby B 12 the holiday traffic rolls but we enjoy a car-free route. From km 23.4 it gets serious: First 1.6 km up to Denkhof and from km 27.4 the 5.6 km long main ascent to Neidlingerberg. But this is not the highest point of the route yet. We pass it at km 33.9 in Hemerau, an 800 m high cross-country skiing area. From here we have to enjoy the descent with a short break at km 39.5. It will be exhausting again at km 43.3 (Kittelmühle). But because of the varied landscape lets the following short climbs are noticeable buy. In Leoprechting (km 50.2) we turn back to the starting distance.

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