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Nufenen - Gotthard (Download or DVD version)

The Nufenenpass is with its 2478 meters above sea level, the highest intra-Swiss Pass. The eastern direction, which is driven here, can be classified as being medium-heavy with an ascent of 1100 meters at almost 14 km, the steepest passages being right in the beginning and the rest with slopes of 8-9 %. After the start in Ulrichen it goes without further localities up to the pass. Then down over All'Acqua, Ossasco and Fontana to Airolo.

Here begins the famous climb over countless switchback turns on the old cobblestone street up to the Gotthard pass. It is almost 900 altitudes meters at 12 km with average slopes of 7-8 %. On the pass, we see the old hospice and drive along the Lago di Rodont down to Hospental.

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Nufenen - Gotthard

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