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Nordhordland (Download version)

Road bike

Nordhordland Rundt (meaning "around the northern part of Hordaland") is a bike race in western Norway, with about 800 participants every year. This is a good opportunity to see the wonderful landscapes near the sea on the Lindås peninsula and the islands on the western sea side.

The race starts in Alversund, and quickly crosses the bridge to the Radøy island. It continues north and passes the islands Fosnøyna, Ulvøyna and Bakkøyna, before entering the Lindås peninsula near its northern tip. It then follows the peninsula southwards and ends up not far from the starting point. The race goes through a varied landscape; a quite rough coastal landscape for the first parts of the race, when you are close to the sea, and more forest in the end, when you are further from the sea. The roads are mostly quite good, but there are also parts with narrow, bendy roads. There are some hills (particulary near the end), but this is mainly a quite flat RLV, where few hills are steeper than 4%.

This RLV is filmed from a bike during the race. This creates a very realistic RLV, where you can really feel that you are in the race.

*** Spoiler alert ***
You start in a small group and mainly follow that group during the first part of the race, before you and two others finally break free from the group. The three of you ride together for a while until one of the others has to throw in the towel, and there ar only two of you left. You continue to ride together until a steep, bendy downhill near the end, where some good downhill riding leaves the other guy behind, and you ride alone until the finish line.
*** Spoiler alert end ***

This RLV is filmed with two cameras; one pointing forwards and one pointing backwards. Most of the time you only see the video from the forwards pointing camera, but the backwards pointing camera fades in into the top right corner whenever there is something interesting going on in the back (it might be that there is some nice view that you don't see when looking forwards, or you can look back to see how many riders are still following you)

This RLV is only available as a download version and for selected countries on USB stick. After payment is booked you will receive the necessary download link.

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Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Frank de GrootTTS422-08-1988.2 km02:45:3931.9 km/h186 W
2Detlev JenschkeTTS420-12-0588.2 km02:47:1931.6 km/h205 W
3Uwe BlankKWT321-05-1288.2 km04:04:3521.6 km/h28 W 20
4Matthias KaiserTTS4Teil 121-03-1746 km01:40:0027.6 km/h--- 33
5Matthias KaiserTTS4Teil 221-03-1742.3 km01:32:1727.5 km/h--- 33

The following file types are accepted:
TTS4: activities (workouts) in TCX format
KWT: Evaluations in XML format
BigRing: Workout in TCX format
Ergoplanet: Result file in FITLOG format
Incyclist: Ride file in JSON format
Fortius: Catalyst run file in CAF format
Training file

A superscript value in the power indicates a set factor. Only the fastest training is displayed per driver and track.

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