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Ofen pass - Flüela pass (Download or DVD version)

The two passes of this RLV are in Graubünden in southeast Switzerland. Graubünden is not only the largest Swiss canton, but also the only one with Rätoromansh as official language.

The ride over the Ofenpass launches in Val Müstair in Santa Maria and then crosses the 2149 m high mountain pass down to Zernez. The route offers a pleasant exchange between shallower and steeper climbs and beautiful descents, and the individual sections each have a comfortable length.

Not far from Zernez begins in Susch the ascent to Flüelapass, with 2383 m at least the 15th highest alpine pass is. The slope is most consistent in the high single-digit percentage range, but is very harmonious and thus well to drive.

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34.9 938 811 645
max 13.0% Ø 5.0% 1:44 1:31 1080p
Santa Maria - Punt la Drossa
Piz Nair - Zernez


24.9 915 776 731
max 13.0% Ø 7.2% 1:29 1:45 1080p
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Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Matthias KaiserTTS4CH_Flueela20-11-2924.8 km00:59:0125.3 km/h109 W 25
2Frank de GrootTTS4CH_Ofen21-12-1934.9 km01:32:0622.8 km/h---
3ReimannKWT3CH_Ofen/Piz Nair - Zernez21-01-3119 km00:34:2333.2 km/h129 W 75
4Matthias KaiserTTS4CH_Ofen/Piz Nair - Zernez20-12-0418.9 km00:38:1229.8 km/h92 W 25
5Matthias KaiserTTS4CH_Ofen/Santa Maria - Punt la Drossa20-12-0423.5 km00:57:0124.7 km/h111 W 25

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