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Three-Peaks-Tour - Sold out

In summer 2012 organized a route competition among its customers. This video has now been implemented as the first of the proposals received. As the name implies, this RLV crosses 3 passes (or peaks), while the slope is moving mostly by 6-7%, rarely more.

It starts in Bodenmais, which lies at the foot of the Großer Arber (the highest mountain outside of the Bavarian Alps) in the Bavarian Forest. The route goes from there via Arnbruck, Arrach, Markt Lam, Lohberg, Bayer. Eisenstein and Regenhütte back to Bodenmais.


70.6 1407 1429 979
max 10.0% Ø 4.1% 2:59 1:22 1760x990
Start - Lohberg
Lam - Regenhütte
Lam - Ende
Bergzeitfahren Bretterschachten
Recommended system requirements:
Quad core 3.0 Ghz - Intel i7, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB harddisk, DVD+R(DL), DirectX9 compatible 3D card with 1 GB RAM, resolution 1920 x 1080.
Note: If you are unsure whether your PC meets the conditions, you must download the demo version of the Odenwald video and test it on your training role with your software.
Article number: 10040


#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Frank de GrootTTS421-01-1770.6 km02:39:4026.5 km/h---
2Matthias KaiserTTS4Lam - Ende20-12-0944.9 km01:42:0026.4 km/h108 W 25
3Matthias KaiserTTS4Start - Lohberg20-12-0930.4 km01:07:4326.9 km/h103 W 25
4ReimannKWT3Start - Lohberg21-01-2230.4 km01:10:3925.8 km/h139 W 75

The following file types are accepted:
TTS4: activities (workouts) in TCX format
KWT: Evaluations in XML format
Ergoplanet: Result file in FITLOG format
Fortius: Catalyst run file in CAF format
Training file

Ein hochgestellter Wert bei der Leistung gibt einen gesetzten Faktor an.

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