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La Palma Southern Route (Download or DVD version)

La Isla de San Miguel de La Palma is the most northwest one of the Canary islands and is with 40% of forest covering in comparison to the other Canary islands the richest in wood and, hence, is called also Isla Verde („Green island“).

The tour starts above Santa Cruz de la Palma in Buenavista de Abajo and leads first with only moderate increases about the south route of the island by Villa de Mazo, Los Canarios, Las Manchas to El Paso. Up to there, it's about 45 km and 700 height metres. Back to the eastern side of the island it goes at the view-rich side track all around the central mountain range of the island. Here about 800 height metres are to be mastered on approx. 13 km. In the highest point it goes even for a short time by the clouds - typically for Palma. After the rapid descent, the tour ends in San Jose.

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La Palma Südrunde

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