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La Palma Northern Route (Download or DVD version)

Here is the second video on La Isla de San Miguel de La Palma and it takes us this time over the northern half of the "Green island". Here are particularly impressive, the different weather conditions in the island. The route starts at a cloudy, dark sky on the coast road from Santa Cruz to the north, but turns very soon onto the road that leads to the Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente. Also some raindrops fall sometimes and more and more often one drives through the clouds. The higher we come, the more one anticipates the blue sky, until, finally, after a good 30 km climb with more than 2000 height metres a breathtaking view comes up around the Caldera. In breakneck speed it goes through countless curves over Llano Negro down to the vicinity of the north coast. Here the weather also becomes worse again, and after approx. 70 km it starts to rain.

The DVD version ends here, the download version goes partly in the rain for about 20 km to Los Sauces. The download also has a slightly higher data rate, which can be seen in a minimal better image quality.

When you purchase the download version, you receive the necessary download link after payment is booked.

€ 15.00

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Bestseller-rank: No. 25 (12 months)
No. 88 (Total)
Also availaible together with La Palma Southern Route for a reduced price of € 27.00.

La Palma Nordrunde

89.6 2841 2715 1729
max 13.7% Ø 6.3% 4:50 1:50 1080p
Start - Mirador de los Andenes
Mirador de los Andenes - Ende
Start - Calle Lomo de la Cancela
Mirador de los Andenes - Calle Lomo de la Cancela

La Palma Nordrunde (DVD)

70.9 2486 2157
max 13.0% Ø 6.5% 4:06 1:51 1080p
Article number: 10107

Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Matthias KaiserTTS4ES_Palma_Nord21-02-1038.5 km01:16:1230.3 km/h--- 25
2Uwe BlankKWT3ES_Palma_Nord21-02-0189.6 km04:27:3020.1 km/h42 W 20
3Matthias KaiserTTS4ES_Palma_Nord/Start - Mirador de los Andenes21-02-1032.6 km01:36:1420.3 km/h--- 25

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