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Country of Passau (Download version) Only until the end of the season

Characteristic of the Country of Passau is on the one hand the optical accessibility. Nearly unwooded hills often offer a clear view of villages and the foothills of the Bavarian Forest. Secondly Danube tributaries such as the Ilz create terrain formations that are very attractive for cyclists.

The tour starts in Salzweg and leads via Donauwetzdorf and Büchlberg to Hutthurm. The name of the hamlet Brennschinken refers as well as the approximately 1 km away Rußöd to the custom of our rural ancestors of smoking meat, also known as "Selchen". Through Kalteneck and Tittling we get to the highest point in Fürstenstein. We continue over Nammering and Haselbach to Tiefenbach, were the TV presenter Florian Silbereisen was born. The last kilometer runs above a Passauer recreation area, the reservoir Halser. The tour finally ends in the center of the Passau district Hals.

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Passauer Land

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