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Rhine Cycle Path 2022 (Download version)

Road bike

This is the new recording of the Rhine Cycle Route, replacing the 10 year old recording. Accordingly, the quality is outstanding, probably even the best available on the market.

The route leads on the French side of the Rhine from the Rhine bridge Wintersdorf via Seltz, Lauterbourg and Neuburg to Maximiliansau and Wörth. It then continues via Leimersheim to Germersheim, Lingenfeld and ends south of Speyer. So it ends a bit earlier than the old tour, but is not fragmented (which the old one unfortunately was due to some construction sites).

Since the route runs completely in the Rhine Valley, it is extremely flat: Just under 200 hm you do not notice at all over 80 km. And since almost only bike paths are used, you hardly see any cars. Mostly you ride on the main dike of the Rhine, now and then directly on the river or through fields behind the dike.

Those who have already purchased the old video at the regular single or package price will receive a discount of 3 euros on purchase. Details please by mail.

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Rheinradweg 2022

84.5 188 2094
max 8.0% Ø 0.5% 2:34 2:21 1080p
Start - Landeshafen Wörth
Landeshafen Wörth - Ende
Start - Leimersheim
Neuburg - Ende
Start - Neuburg
Neuburg - Leimersheim
Leimersheim - Ende
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Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1FredIncyclist23-03-0584.4 km02:36:5432.3 km/h181 W
2Henning EckmannTTS4Leimersheim - Ende22-12-2130.3 km00:52:4434.5 km/h204 W
3Henning EckmannTTS4Neuburg - Leimersheim23-01-2327.7 km00:48:5034.1 km/h196 W
4Henning EckmannTTS4Start - Neuburg22-12-0626.3 km00:46:3333.9 km/h191 W
5Werner, DobersalskeTTS4Start - Neuburg22-12-1526.3 km00:51:5630.4 km/h163 W

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