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Røros (Download version)

Røros is an old mining town, located in high altitude in the middle of Norway. The city centre has many wooden buildings from the 17th and 18th century. This has given the town a designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the buildings have retained their dark pitch-log facades, giving the town a medieval appearance.

A number of mines are surrounding the town. The oldest mine, Old Storwartz mine, opened in 1645, and mining went on until the last mine closed in 1972.

The first part of this RLV follows the roads in the centre of Røros. You will see the characteristic wooden buildings, including melting houses and other buildings from the mining era, which are now museum buildings. You will also pass the iconic Røros church (built 1784, still one of the biggest churches in Norway).

Then you head towards the old mining road, which put you above the tree line. You will now pass some of the old mines. Røros is one of the coldest places in Norway, and this RLV was recorded in -21° C, so you will see some frost smoke above the ground on this part. Finally you head down towards the Aursunden lake.

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