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Ruwer-Hochwald-Bikeway (Download version)

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Where bicycles roll today, trains used to steam. The historic railway line of the Ruwer-Hochwald-Railway has been transformed into the Ruwer-Hochwald-Bikeway. Like the former railway line, the cycle path with a length of around 50 kilometers connects the Moselle valley with the heights of the Hunsrück. It follows the course of the Ruwer, a tributary of the Moselle. Incidentally, this is also known for its excellent vineyards. It should not only cross seven bridges, but more than 20 times the bike will cross bridge structures of all kinds. Whether nature and technology, culture and culinary delights, wine and forest: there are many different things that the cycle path between the Moselle valley and the high forest has to offer.

The cycle path starts in Ruwer, a small town near Trier. Most of the time we move on the old embankment so that only a few places are passed. These are Zerf, Niederkell, Kell am See and Reinsfeld before the tour ends in Hermeskeil.

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Ruwer Radweg

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Ruwer - Zerf
Zerf - Hermeskeil
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#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1Craig PorterTTS421-09-1947.9 km01:28:2632.5 km/h213 W
2Detlev JenschkeTTS422-01-0547.9 km01:37:1329.6 km/h186 W
3FredBigRingVR621-10-2547.9 km01:44:5427.4 km/h182 W
4Craig PorterTTS4Ruwer - Zerf21-10-0424.3 km00:44:1433 km/h233 W
5Matthias KaiserTTS4Ruwer - Zerf21-11-0724.3 km00:55:5726.1 km/h--- 33
6Matthias KaiserTTS4Zerf - Hermeskeil21-11-0723.6 km00:52:5226.8 km/h--- 33

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