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Silves (Download version)

Road bike

The name Portugal comes from the port of Porto, established by the Roman Empire. It is disputed what is meant by Cale. It could come from the Latin calidus, "warm" - "warm port". Or from the ancient Greek word kalós - "beautiful harbor".

Our route is almost 64 km long and stretches across the district of Silves, which is divided into 6 municipalities. The route starts at the beach of Armação de Pêra, a former fishing village and today a tourist resort on the Algarve coast. We will pass through Alcantarilha and take the M529 in the direction of Silves, passing orange plantations and small villages. Now a fantastic view of the city of Silves, with its castle and cathedral, awaits us. We continue on the N124 towards São Bartolomeu de Messines and take the exit to the dam - Barragem Do Arade, where a charming outback awaits us. The great view to the dam is impressive and we continue the slightly mountainous passage. As the road continues, we pass through smaller villages and reach the N124 again via Amorosa and start the return journey towards the city of Silves, which is also called the city of storks. They are numerous in and outside the city and have built their nests everywhere. We leave Silves and cross again the river Arade, which is filled with water or not, depending on the time of day. Over a rise we reach the necessary height to experience the vastness of the Algarve, always continuing towards Armação de Pêra, where we finally reach our destination.

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Armação de Pera - Vale Fuzeiros
Vale Fuzeiros - Armação de Pera
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