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Blackforest 2015 (Download version)

This RLV is a remake of three well-known Black Forest passes with almost alpine character and a total of almost 3000 height meters. The Hornisgrinde is with almost 1000 height meters nonstop the longest highland ascent in Germany. The route starts in Achern and leads through an open and varied landscape over Sasbachwalden to Brandmatt, crosses the Black Forest High Road and leads up to the radio tower on the Hornisgrinde. The tour continues over the Black Forest High Street, then through Bühlertal and ends in Altschweier.

The tour over the Kandel starts behind Waldkirch and leads very steeply up through dense forest to Kandel. On top you are a little surprised by the wide view now, but soon it goes down and over Sägendobel and through Glottertal to the end point.

The tour over the Schauinsland is the lightest of the three, mainly because here only briefly two digit gradients are achieved. The route starts south of Freiburg and leads up to the parking lot at the summit. From here a small detour is driven over Gießhübel before you get to the 'regular' departure over Muggenbrunn and Aftersteg to Todtnau.

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Bestseller-rank: No. 65 (12 months)
No. 89 (Total)

Hornisgrinde 2015

35.6 1020 997 844
max 14.8% Ø 6.4% 1:51 1:43 1080p
Start - Hornisgrinde

Kandel 2015

29.0 886 912 763
max 13.6% Ø 8.3% 1:33 1:45 1080p
Start - Berghotel Kandel

Schauinsland 2015

35.0 1046 712 657
max 13.0% Ø 5.2% 1:51 1:46 1080p
Start - Schauinsland
Article number: 10090

Leaderboard of course

#NameSystemSegmentDateDistanceTimeØ SpeedØ Power
1ReimannKWT3DE_Kandel201521-03-2229 km00:58:2729.8 km/h154 W 50
2Matthias KaiserTTS4DE_Kandel201521-02-0429 km01:07:4925.6 km/h--- 25
3Matthias KaiserTTS4DE_Schauins201521-02-1935 km01:25:0324.7 km/h--- 25

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