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Trollstigen (Download or DVD version)

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Trollstigen (meaning "the Troll Path") is the most famous climb in Norway, and one of the most popular tourist attractions overall. It is one of the roads that are designated as National Tourist Routes of Norway. The road was opened in 1936 after eight years of construction. It is narrow with 11 sharp bends. On the way up you can watch the 320 metre high Stigfossen waterfall. On the top of the asent there is a modern tourist faility.

This RLV starts and ends at the same spot, right below Trollveggen (meaning "the Troll Wall") - the tallest vertical rock face in Europe. You first follow the main road down the Rauma valley for the first kilometres, before you take off into the Ister valley towards Trollstigen. After some short ups and downs, the Trollstigen ascent is suddenly there. When you pass the "beware of the trolls" roadsign (probably the only one in the world) and see the road zigzag up the steep hills above you on both sides of the mighty Stigfossen waterfall, and see the Ister walley below you, you understand that this is no ordinary ascent.

After turning around at the tourist facility on top of the ascent, there is time for some crazy riding down the same way you came up. On the way back, you take a detour down along the Rauma river to Åndalsnes, before you head back up the valley to Trollveggen.

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Trollstigen Anstieg
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