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Updates of control files

In some older videos the accuracy of the control files was not optimal due to partly very bad quality of the GPS data. This led to partly larger jumps in the gradient percentages and was therefore a reason for limiting them to 10%. Thanks to new methods for error correction, I was able to achieve a better gradient of the elevation profile in particular. I have now made these corrections for the affected videos and made them available in the form of an update program. For the following RLVs updates for all platforms are already included: Ofenpass, Flüelapass, Julierpass and San Bernardino.
I also removed the limitation for videos where the gradient was reduced mainly because of very steep climbs. For these RLVs, only minor changes were made to the elevation profile. However, by releasing the gradients, it can - depending on the platform - lead to an unrealistic driving experience. An update should therefore only be made with caution (however, the original files are saved during the update). This change affects the videos Mandelpfad, King of the Lake, Col du Sanetsch, Furka 2011, Grimsel 2011, Susten 2011 und Appenzell.
In the update program, the two variants are distinguished in the description: If the elevation profile is also greatly improved, this is marked as 'Update', otherwise as '10 percent'.

Upgrades of video files

For some RLVs the video files were re-created. These are now in FullHD (1920x1080), with a better image stabilization and rendered with the BluRay codec. Find details at the video page. The upgrade versions are availaible on request from 2 Euro (in possession of the first edition).

Allgäu 2

€ 2 to € 4


€ 2 to € 8
Road bike

Cycling Challenge

€ 2 to € 6
Mountain bike

Open MTB

€ 2 to € 2
Road bike


€ 2 to € 8

Challenge Roth

€ 2 to € 8
Mountain bike


€ 2 to € 7
Road bike

Kraut und Rüben

€ 2 to € 7

Updates of control files for Kettler World Tours 2 / 3 (2016/12/05)

For the following RLVs, the height profile is under circumstances not synchronous with the video due to an error in the generation of the control file: Alcudia-Sant Elm, Col du Lautaret, Col de Vars, Berlin Südland, Croix de Fer, Col de la Madeleine, La Palma Nordrunde, Furka-Grimsel-Susten, Schwarzwald 2015, Donauradweg, Alpe d'Huez Abfahrt, Cycling Challenge and Open MTB Marathon (the latter two only the download versions).
If you noticed that, you can install updates for these videos with my program KWTSetup.exe. Just select the videos you are using, the control files will be replaced.

Some of the control files of the 'norwegian' RLVs have a problem which may cause faults when playing the video. The film may jerk or jump back. The following videos are affected: Crater Lake, Masca, Lofoten, Nordhordland, Hell-Jonsvatn, Byasen, Melhus Winter, Malvik, Selbu, Skaun-Orkdal, Byneset 2013 and Flatanger. You can install updates for these videos with my program KWTSetup.exe. Just select the videos you are using, the control files will be replaced. The updates are only necessary for download versions that were purchased before 2014/09/01 and the two DVD versions Skaun-Orkdalen and Byneset 2013.

RLV Updates (2013/02/20)

There are updates of the control files for some Real Life Videos, such as corrections of the height profiles or changes to the definition of subsections or infotexts. For installation please download and run the file RLVUpdatesSetup.exe. This will replace all necessary files (changes to this files will get lost, but backups are created).

During installation you can select the location of the files. This is preset to the default location of the selected player. In case of the TacxFortius software used, there are subdirectories created in the video folder of the RLV. For this reason, the video for TacxFortius software must be located in their own directories on a hard drive.

Currently there are the following updates:
Redefinition of TTS-subsections: Tindevegen, Lindås, Ebeltoft, Stolsheimen, Fränkische Schweiz, Belchen, St. Bernhard, Susten 2011, Gotthard 2011, Col du Sanetsch, Furka 2011, Grimsel 2011, Allgäu, Allgäu 2, Appenzell, Corsica 1, Corsica 2, New Hampshire, South Boston, Brandon, Mooseman, Hunsrück and Dobel.

Newly created and more detailed height profiles: Dobel, Appenzell, South Boston, Fränkische Schweiz, Belchen, St. Bernhard, Col du Sanetsch, Allgäu 1, Allgäu 2, Korsika 2, New Hampshire, South Boston, Brandon - Mooseman, Hunsrück and Dobel.

All further files concern the introduction of info boxes.

The updates are only required for DVD versions, the updates are included for RLVs which are now offered as a download.