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Video features

  • All my Real Life Videos contain an altitude and speed profile, so that the player software can control the resistance of the training role, as well as the playback speed of the video is adapted to the current training situation.
  • I offer a free update service on the control files. Therefore also owners of older videos will benefit of ongoing improvements of my production process, as these old RLVs will be adapted.
  • My RLVs can also be played on the DVD — if the playback software supports this.

Training software

  • If you own a trainer without pc-connection, you can use the Video Player from Tacx to view the videos at your pc. Find more information on my Tacx Software Supportpage.
  • Kettler World Tours 2.0 and 3.0 supports my Real Life Videos. All informations, and the required setup program can be found on my KWT 2.0 page.
  • The software BigRingVR also plays RLVs. So who owns an ANT+ FE-C trainer (Vortex Smart/Neo, Kickr, Muin, ...) may also use this free software. See the Big Ring page.
  • All my RLVs are running with the blue TacxFortius software, all versions of the Tacx Trainer Software and the Tacx Videoplayer. You can download the GPS data for many RLVs at the video details page, so Real Life Training (Google Earth) is possible (but not simultaneously with video — this isn't allowed by Tacx). The videos do not run with the proprietary Tacx Desktop App.
  • Please notice the hints on my Tacx Software Supportpage if you are using the Tacx Trainer Software.
  • My videos are also running with Daum ergometers. You can download the required software from Futher information can be found on my Ergoplanet page.
  • The open source software GoldenCheetah now plays RLVs, but without control of the trainer resistance. So who owns an ANT+ FE-C trainer (Vortex Smart/Neo, Kickr, Muin, ...) or also a Tacx Fortius, may now use this free software. See the GoldenCheetah page.
  • The videos run only on some DVD players, which is very brand depending. It is best to first download e.g. the Challenge Roth demo and install it for Ergoplanet. The video is then located in the selected destination directory (which can of course be changed). Burn this avi-file to a DVD and try it out on the DVD player.
  • Programs not listed here are not compatible, also not the Tacx Cycling App.

Trainers and Ergometers

For because of the variety of trainers and ergometers please see the manufacturer websites what training equipment is supported (that is independent of my real life videos).

Strava and Garmin Connect Support

Due to regular requests for the presentation of the route and the height profile of workouts on Strava, I have built a tool that can be used to prepare TCX activities exported from the Tacx Trainer Software for Strava, Garmin Connect and similar portals. The processed files then have to be uploaded into the portal. The processing works for all predefined sections (even if you have aborted them). Self-defined routes work with the correct starting point. Also, of course, it only works for my videos. And here is the TCX processing.

Operating systems

The Real Life Videos have nothing to do with the operating system. It is only the compatibility of the training software with the respective operating system that is important (also valid for Parallels, ...). However, the installation program for the videos is also a Windows program and must therefore be run under a simulation if necessary.

Alternatively, you can use UnRarX on MacOS and Unrar on Linux to unpack the installation archives.