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Support > What to do in case of problems?

Download troubles

  • Please use a download manager, that can resume broken downloads. I recommend Free Download Manager.
  • The links are only valid for one-time download, save the files to a DVD or USB disc at best. Do not make test downloads or share the links with others.
  • When you don't have access to the files anymore after download troubles, please contact me, I will unlock the link.
  • The download versions and demo videos are downloaded from our own server ( This server has a bandwidth of 1 Gbit/s. The setups are available either in versions with 4 GB and 1 GB files, or in 2 GB files. Download (in a row, not simultaneously) either the large or the small versions of the files, not both.
  • The files must be saved in the same directory and they must have the same name as on the server. If different versions exist due to several download attempts - Windows then appends a number to the file name (e.g. Setup_Eifel.part2 (1).rar) - this has to be cleaned up.
  • Sometimes Windows reports that the start of an installation setup was prevented because "the device could be damaged" or "poses a risk to the PC". You can ignore these messages, either because they are based on random strings in the file (as they always occur in a packed file), or because the file has not been downloaded often and Windows thinks it must be malicious.
  • Sometimes antivirus report that a download file contains a virus. This message is not right, all the files are carefully checked. So you do not have concerns about opening the file. If necessary, disable the virus scanner for the time of the download.
  • If you are not satisfied with your download speed, please test it with WieIstMeineIP.

Installation problems

  • If Winrar responds with a CRC error (Prüfsummenfehler) while unpacking an archive, at least one download file was not loaded properly. Please download the file again in this case.
  • If Winrar reports while unpacking "Vielleicht ist das Laufwerk voll?", this means the drive where your temporary folder is located, normally C:\.
  • With Windows 10 sometimes Winrar seems to crash while unpacking 'VirtualTraining'. That's not true, only the setup program don't starts or opens in the background. You can use the taskmanager to switch to the setup or start it manually in your temporary folder (while Winrar is still running).
  • If you don't find an installation option for the software you use, that's because the DVD is older than this software. For Tacx Trainer Software 4 these are all DVDs until article number 10033, for Kettler World Tours 2.0 and VirtualTraining until article number 10045. Please follow the instructions for TTS4, KWT2.0, or VirtualTraining. See also the Installations hints.
  • If a video don't appears in your trainer software after installation, something went wrong during installation. In this case, please notice the installation details, which can be opened at the last page of the setup program. Mostly that's only because of missing disk space.

Graphics drivers and video codecs

There may be problems with some videos during playback (don't start, black screen, videos plays to fast, to high resistance). Please follow the following instructions in this case:

  • If your system contains more than one graphics card, ensure that the better one is used
  • Please update the graphics drivers for your system to the latest version (maybe you should first uninstall the drivers completely)
  • DivX is no longer needed, please uninstall the complete package
  • FFDshow is no longer needed, please uninstall this codec
  • Please install up-to-date codec packages: STANDARD Codecs for Windows 10/8.1/7 *)
  • Please check to see whether the latest version of DirectX is installed: DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer
  • If you have any other codec packs, these must be uninstalled if necessary

*) Opt during setup for the custom installation to prevent the establishment of additional software and unnecessary toolbars.

Tacx has unfortunately significant problems with the video display and the synchronization with the Video Player 2 used since TTS 4.8. Please change the settings that the Video Player 1 is used to make it work.

If videos that were created with the Xvid codec (which are the Norwegians up to article number 10095) do not run very smoothly, you should also install this codec: